• White crisis: Zidane on the shadow of Mourinho: "It bothers me"

In old Ali Sami Yen , football was seen standing up, the smoke from the flares clouded the view and the outskirts of the field were a tingle of people in the city who are proud to have the busiest street on the planet (Istiklâl Caddesi , peaks of three million walkers on a Saturday). Years ago since the Galatasaray changed its volcano for a five-star stadium, in the north of Istanbul, now named as a technology company ( Turk Telekom Arena ). There is passion in the stands, yes, but nothing to do. The atmospheric load should be the last excuse for Real Madrid in a scenario that is well known.

Six years ago he started precisely here, September 2013, an extraordinary journey through the Champions League that led him to sign the second best period in the history of the club in the great competition. Four European Cups of five attempts, a wake that now tries not to close in the worst possible way, with a premature elimination in the group stage. A real threat that overfights due to the poor start of the team of Zinedine Zidane in the league, with a point in two games. The defeat today would leave Madrid in a very delicate situation in the tournament and its coach, very touched.

That last time here, Cristiano and his people warned that they were very serious, with a resounding thrashing (1-6). Zidane was then released in Europe with the technician card. His role was secondary, an assistant to Carlo Ancelotti , but his image in the band wore the white bench of an unquestionable category. He made a good couple with the Italian, both portrayed in a photograph for the album of the Lisbon final. Unforgettable the calm of Carletto , chewing gum and watching the harassment of his men on Atletico in the last minutes, while at his side the famous assistant gestured desperately. At that moment, without knowing it, Madrid discovered a future coach. His story in office is more than told.

Low risk

However, football and Real Madrid are capable of crushing even their legends, if the ball goes unruly. Today, Zidane will fight in Istanbul for not making good the saying that questions the destiny of the second parts. The Frenchman, a great connoisseur of the guts of the entity, knows that a defeat tonight would put him in a very dangerous position, as much as that of the team in the Champions League, with too many mathematics and other favors to ask to aspire to reach the eighth and avoid that nightmare of the Europa League.

"I've been here for 18 years , " he recalled, unable to hide the worry on his face. As this newspaper reported yesterday, the dismissal of the Frenchman is not a taboo within the club, despite the gigantic figure of the protagonist. Pray the directive to avoid such a drastic decision, but the debate is open, with the feeling that the dressing room urgently needs a jolt. And shock therapy could have a Portuguese name. "I can't say it doesn't bother me, because it bothers me," ZZ acknowledged about doubts about his future.

To close or, rather, clear at least a few weeks the shadow of Mourinho, the team knows very well what to do. Because just like a fall in Turkey would put the ranking uphill, a victory would completely change the picture. It is up to the players the fate of their coach, which they prefer before the most famous candidate to relieve him. «We are to death with him. It would help if it was said that it will continue until the end of the season, ”Ramos launched towards the heights of the club. "That would leave speculation . "

ZZ will also have to be with the finest eleven than in Mallorca. The losses of Gareth Bale , two expert pieces in the Champions League, can force him to retouch the system, changing to a striker for a midfielder like James, of the best in the last game, which would sharpen the core made up of Casemiro, Kroos and Valverde . Above, Hazard and Benzema could form the duo. Another option is Vinicius, with a bad body after playing home in Son Moix, where he once again wore a disturbing double face: So fast and powerful in the overflow, as run over in the finalization.

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