"Mr. Ronaldo has always maintained that it was a mutual meeting ”, according to the news agency AP, in the documents where Ronaldo’s lawyers request that the case be written off.

At the same time, applications have also been sought for conciliation outside the courtroom.

It has been clear before that that Ronaldo is not charged with rape.

Already in 2010, Ronaldo's lawyers must have signed an agreement with the vulnerable woman, where the then 24-year-old model received $ 375,000 against never telling anyone about the allegations against Ronaldo or disclosing anything about the agreement with the superstar.

Since then, a lawsuit has been filed which consists of eleven alleged crimes, including rape, fraud and breach of contract. Mayorga suits Cristiano Ronaldo for at least $ 200,000. Mayorga's lawyers say that you never broke the agreement with Ronaldo, while the football player's lawyers say that Mayorga's trial process is used to soothe Ronaldo's reputation.

Cristiano Ronaldo himself has constantly denied all allegations of rape.

Archive: The charges against Cristiano Ronaldo (July 24, 2019).


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