The study in The New England Journal of Medicine from the University of Glasgow attracted much attention. Researchers have compared the causes of death from 7,676 Scottish football pros to 23,000 other people. There, it was found that football pros have died at approximately 3.5 times more cases of dementia disease than the other people.

Nowhere is it stated exactly what makes it so, but Henrik Zetterberg still wants to warn children especially for nodding because he thinks it is the most reasonable explanation for the events.

- If you get a bang on the head so that it shakes, the brain will move inside the skull. Then wear damage occurs and nerve cell protrusions go off. The stronger the bang and the more head rotation, the more severe the brain damage, says Zetterberg, a professor of neurochemistry.

"A risk moment in football"

At the same time, the researcher says that a controlled nick is harmless.

- If you meet the ball with your head in a controlled nod, then nothing happens. If you get the bang when you are not prepared, so that it becomes a jerk in the movement, then the damage can occur. The neck muscles are not fully developed in children and the head is proportionally larger than the body. You should not stop nodding when you are a child and start exercising at puberty.

News: Should children avoid nodding to puberty?

- Yes, such precautions should be considered. Nicking is a risk factor in football.


Professor warns: "Don't nod until puberty"