9:45 on 22nd October 22nd


The Emperor and Empress have been involved in a series of ceremonies and events for nearly half a year since the throne of the Emperor, and have been in contact with the public through visits to various places.

On May 1st, the newly emperor, the Emperor, inherited the swords and magama of the three kinds of sacred treasures passed down to the Emperor at the Imperial Palace and Palace. We were faced with the “Kenji Toshokei” ceremony.

Then, together with the Empress, we faced the “Grand Ceremony of the first time after the throne” meeting “people who represent the nation” "I will fulfill my duty as a symbol of Japan and the national integration of the Japanese people," he said.

Three days later, on May 4th, a general saga was held in the Imperial Palace to celebrate the throne, and both Majesty and the imperial family stood on the veranda of the palace six times, and celebrated the celebration of over 140,000 visitors.

On the same day, the highest temperature in Tokyo is about 25 degrees Celsius, and the Emperor said, “Thank you very much for coming in the heat” in the words after the fifth time from 2 pm. He expressed his concern for the visitors.

On May 8th, both Majesties faced the first Miyachu ritual after the throne at the Imperial Palace “Kyuchusanden”.

The Emperor was first dressed in the “Kurozen no Go”, a ceremonial emperor's costume from the Heian period, and was shown to inherit the Imperial tradition.

On May 22, the Empress attended the Japanese Red Cross National Convention, which was honored by the Empress. It was the first time that the Empress had taken office alone after the Emperor's throne, and was handed a certificate of commendation to the representatives of individuals and organizations who were successful in the activities of the Red Cross.

On May 27th, both Majesties welcomed the American President and Mrs. Trump, who came to Japan as national servants. Many times I was able to exchange words with the President and his wife and their members without using an interpreter, taking advantage of their extensive overseas experience.

On that night, the empress who was taking care of her faced all events at the Miyanaka Bankaikai for the first time in 16 years.

His Majesty visited Aichi Prefecture for a period of two days from June 1 to attend the “National Tree Planting Festival” inherited from the Emperor and his wife. To welcome the first local visit as the emperor, many people were packed along the roadside, and His Majesty had slowed down the car, opened the windows and shook hands.

When we visited a facility for people with disabilities after the tree-planting ceremony, we talked to the residents and family members who lined up to see them off even after the scheduled departure time It was continued.

On August 15th, 74 years after the end of the war, the Emperor, along with the Empress, spoke for the first time a national memorial service for the war dead, saying that the war would not be repeated. The words of His Majesty the Emperor almost followed the words of the Emperor, and inherited the thoughts of war and peace.

In September, the two men were visited one after another in order to attend the nationwide affluent sea-building competition, the opening ceremony of the National Cultural Festival and the National Arts and Culture Festival for Persons with Disabilities, and the opening ceremony of the National Sports Festival. It was. Of these, in Akita Prefecture, where we visited at the Sea-building Competition, we were gently stroking a protected female Akita dog at the animal protection center we visited.

In Niigata Prefecture, where we visited at national cultural festivals, we observed how children with disabilities and local elementary and junior high school students cooperated to make traditional octopus and interacted with them.

In October, when the damage caused by the heavy rain of Typhoon 19 was revealed, the Majesties expressed their condolences for the victims and their feelings for the survivors and victims through the Imperial Household Agency.