The ceremonies of the coronation Reisho-den. People from all over the country at the Kyoto City Hall's registry office Oct. 22 12:34

Along with the “House of the Seirei Seiden”, the Kyoto City Hall has a celebratory bookkeeping office where not only citizens but people from all over the country visit.

Kyoto has historically been closely related to the imperial family, and Kyoto has set up a bookkeeping office at 10:00 am on the 22nd in front of the City Hall branch office, in line with the “City of the Imperial Court”.

Not only citizens but also people from all over the country made a line and wrote in order to express their congratulations.

A 50-year-old man in Kyoto, who wrote down, “I am grateful to the Empress and Empress for keeping us in mind. I would like to say“ Congratulations, thank you ”. I was talking.

A man in his thirties from Kochi Prefecture said, “I want the Emperor to stay healthy and have a good time for a long time.”

A woman in her 60s who came from Fukuoka Prefecture said, “It is Japan where there are many natural disasters, but I want to create a better Japan with the Emperor and Empress.”

This means that the Kyoto City Hall's book office will be set up until 4pm on the 22nd, and the book will be delivered to the Kyoto Office of the Imperial Household Agency.