Tokyo Okutama Town Temporary walkway to the site of the collapse of the metropolitan area.

In Okutama-cho, Tokyo, the road collapsed due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, and about 100 residents were isolated. .

In the Hibara area in the western part of Okutama Town, the road leading to the area collapsed due to the influence of Typhoon No. 19, and about 50 households and 100 people were isolated.

Tokyo and the town have set up a temporary passage about 1 meter wide that people can walk on, and people can come and go on foot from 21st.

However, the metropolitan road leading to the collapsed place has been closed for about 10 km as “the slope may collapse further”, etc., and the temporary passage that was newly established this time also includes local residents and Use is restricted to construction personnel.

Towns, etc. want to promote support activities for residents, such as sending relief supplies using this passage.

On the other hand, to recover in earnest until the prefectural the car can be way is that in a few months consuming prospect the future, the prospect of eliminating the isolated state of Nichihara district does not still stand.