Coronation Reishon's ritual Overseas media also greatly reports October 22 10:30

Overseas media broadcast from the surrounding area of ​​the Imperial Palace, etc., along with the “Imperial Religion Ceremony” and communicate the situation as needed.

UK BBC Study abroad experience US CNN "Many people visit"

Among them, the British BBC reported that the celebration parade scheduled for the 22nd was postponed due to the devastating damage caused by Typhoon No. 19 by relaying correspondents from around the Imperial Palace. .

He also introduced that Emperor had experience studying at Oxford University in England.

In addition, the US CNN also relayed from Tokyo, saying that “even if the parade is postponed, many people will visit the area around the Imperial Palace for a celebration.”

Korean media

The Korean media is reporting a lot of attention as Prime Minister Lee Na-gyeong ’s visit to Japan in line with the “Imperial Religion Ceremony” will lead to the improvement of Japan-Korea relations.

Among them, the newsletter of the news agency, which delivered an article immediately after Prime Minister Lee arrived in Japan, along with a photo at Haneda Airport, said that the purpose of this visit is to encourage dialogue between the two countries.

The main newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, is on the morning of the 22nd about Prime Minister Lee ’s visit to Japan.
It tells the story of the Korean government officials that it is “to change the atmosphere of the relationship between the two countries”.

On the other hand, the meeting with Prime Minister Abe also said that “there might be a ceremonial talk only” and the Japanese government has strengthened export control for South Korea. This shows how difficult it is.