Guest of Europe 1, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of Paris 2024, Tony Estanguet, believes that the logo of these Olympic Games "is committed" and "human face".


It represents "Paris 2024 DNA". Tony Estanguet is very proud of the Games logo, presented Monday evening at the Grand Rex in front of 600 people, which is a historic symbol, since it will be the same for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The medal, the flame, Marianne.
Here is the new face of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of # Paris2024

The medal, the flame, Marianne
Here is the new face of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games of #

- Paris 2024 (@ Paris2024) October 21, 2019

"It's the meeting of three great symbols," says the president of the Organizing Committee of Paris 2024. The first symbol is that of "the gold medal," says the céïste, who won three in his career in canoeing (C1). "This wink" was indispensable to him because it shows "the desire to associate the athletes to this project". The second is "the flame, the ultimate symbol of the Games" according to the patron of Paris 2024. "It is transmitted from nation to nation, from generation to generation", in addition to giving "energy and breath" . The third symbol finally, "it's Marianne". One way for Tony Estanguet to show that "it is the Games of France" by referring to this national icon.

A "human" and "committed" logo

Associated, these three great symbols form "a human face". This shows for Tony Estanguet that "Paris 2024 wants to organize Games for the population", which will leave "a legacy". If some spirits regret the absence of the Eiffel Tower, where find that the logo would be better for a hairdresser, it pleases enormously the triple Olympic champion who finds "engaged". "It was expected that there would be reactions," says the former céïste, "but it is rather good sign that he makes react" according to him. Moreover, Tony Estanguet was "impressed" by the way this logo was broadcast. "There has been a huge international impact, and the feedback is very positive," he says.