The players of the Spanish Women's First Division have called a strike in response to the current blocking situation for the signing of the first Collective Agreement. After a year of conversations, the positions of the employers and the unions remain remote, in aspects such as the annual minimum wage or partiality.

That has motivated the tiredness of the footballers, who on Tuesday confirmed in a press conference that they will call a strike, with the support of 93% of the 189 players who gathered at a hotel in Madrid called by the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE ).

The president of the majority union, David Aganzo, stressed after the meeting that "the partners need an agreement now." "They need an agreement of equality, worthy, where these players are recognized what they do in sport. We deserve respect for women," he added without specifying on what day or days the strike will occur.

20 hours per week

As spokesperson for the group of soccer players, the goalkeeper of the Athletic Club of Bilbao, Ainhoa ​​Tirapu, said that in the negotiations the players are demanding "minimums" and said that what breaks the negotiations is "bias."

The Association of Women's Soccer Clubs offers a minimum day of 20 hours per week and 16,000 euros gross per year. Footballers demand a partiality of 75%, 30 hours in the sum of the week. "We are footballers 100% of our time," Tirapu reiterated.

"The red lines"

This "drastic" measure, according to the Athletic player, comes because the negotiation "had stagnated" in recent months. "It is the moment of women's football and we have to fight for our partners. We have to do a job for the rest, not just for ourselves ... We cannot be inactive and not fight for our rights," he said.

The negotiation between the Association of Women's Soccer Clubs and the UGT, Futbolistas ON and AFE unions began on October 4, 2018, with a first meeting at the headquarters of the Higher Sports Council (CSD). A year later, the positions are still far away, so the players have announced a strike after having "lowered the red lines". "We are paving the way for footballers who come from behind," Tirapu closed.

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