After yesterday's gold celebration, the Rosengård players will receive a free Monday from coach Jonas Eidevall. For sports manager Therese Sjögran, hard work is waiting to build a squad for the next season.

- It's not possible to lie down on the batside, but this is the fun thing. Now we are building for next year and the squad we have is incredibly good already. It should only be pointed to a little, says Sjögran.

"Incredibly exciting"

National team captain Caroline Seger is expected to extend with the club, but players such as Nathalie Björn, Sanne Troelsgaard, Johanna Rytting Kaneryd, Ebba Wieder and Mie Leth Jans are on contract.

- It is clear that we will lose someone and we may lose someone next summer. I hope not, because this squad is very exciting and young. I hope and believe that we can have it as intact as possible for the Champions League next fall, says Sjögran.

Coach Jonas Eidevall, who returned to the club for the last season, looks forward to playing again in Europe.

- It feels like an incredibly exciting squad to be able to take out in Europe next year with the right recruitment, he says.

However, he does not reveal what recruits he wants to see.

- I probably have a list, but I'll sync it with others as well. I probably have to stay there so they don't have to read it in the media, he says and laughs.

TT: What do you need to develop in terms of play in order to succeed in Europe?

- We let in too much target. We have had a very nice offensive in the fall, but there are few zeros we have held here in the fall and it does not matter if we are going to play against the best teams in Europe. That is the bitter truth. There you have to have a much more stable defense than we have had.

In the spring and late summer, Rosengård dropped heavy names such as Anja Mittag, Iva Landeka and Lisa-Marie Utland. However, a strong summer window with acquisitions such as Anna Anvegård (nine goals for Rosengård), Jelena Cankovic (two) and Sofie Svava (three) lifted Malmöklubb back to the champion seat.

- We made a great window and were able to maintain the quality we had last spring. After all, we make a move after the World Cup and we kept that out all the way, says Sjögran.

Have your own game

National team captain Caroline Seger believes the club must now equip the Champions League.

- You can't just lie down on the batside and think that you are a world champion just because you have won a title. It's on it again and working even harder again next year, says the midfielder.

She thinks that Rosengård's games under Jonas Eidevall can work in Europe.

- Jonas has been clear that we should not join the Champions League to defend ourselves further. For our part, it's about having our own game and relying on it no matter what teams we meet out there, says Seger.