The Supreme Organizing Committee of the Emirates Tour has revealed that the second edition will be held from 23 to 29 February next, with the joint organizing of the sports councils in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, after the official approval of the date by the International Cycling Union.

The organizing committee held a press conference yesterday at the Audi showroom in Dubai to announce the details of the tour in the presence of: Secretary General of Dubai Council, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Saeed Hareb, Secretary General of Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Aref Al Awani, and Secretary General of Sharjah Sports Council, Issa Hilal Al Hazami And the President of the UAE and Asian Cycling Federation, Osama Al Shafar.

Organizers revealed that the launch of the second edition will be from Dubai, and conclude in Abu Dhabi, through the seven emirates.

Saeed Hareb commented on the second edition of the tour, stressing that it comes as a translation of the guidance of the wise leadership, and its wise vision that resulted in the integration of the Abu Dhabi and Dubai rafts under the name of the UAE.

He said: “The first edition recorded great successes, embodying the spirit of the Union, and provided stunning images of the state's features and geographic topography between the mountains, the desert, the urban structure, the coasts and the historical, cultural and tourist landmarks that characterize the seven emirates of the country. The event has important media, promotional and economic returns. ”

He added: “Emirates Tour is a unique example of the continuous national successes with global echoes, as it is the only race adopted in the Middle East on the agenda of the International Cycling Federation, which highlights the status of the country and its global leadership and its role in attracting and attracting the most important international events and events, believing in its possession. "Great potential in terms of infrastructure, exceptional organizational cadres, and sports, tourism, economic and media progress."

“As we announce the second edition of the Emirates Tour, we would like to thank the wise leadership for its unlimited support for the success of the event, which has become a milestone in the history of the UAE, and a clear indication that there is still more to impress the whole world and the organizational expertise that we have. Organized by the three sports councils of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, the event has contributed to the event's distinctive appearance, and we will continue the same approach to delivering an exceptional second edition. ”

“The success of the first edition brings us a great responsibility to strive to achieve more in the second edition of the Tawaf, so that the UAE will continue to lead in organizing the strongest, most important and most prominent international tournaments.”

Dubai hosts the first women's tour

Osama Al Shafar confirmed that the Cycling Federation is organizing the first Tour of Women, which will be held in Dubai this year. He said that the state's interest in cycling gave the sport a privileged position and achieved great gains and successes.

He added: «What has achieved the first version of the Emirates Tour, will lead us to a distinctive second version amid the participation of elite riders and global teams», noting that the holding of a global tour of the size of the Emirates Tour contributes to the development of cycling, and enhances the levels of community interaction in sports, which is reflected positively in terms of expansion plans Game base, talent discovery.

Al Awani: We promise a special copy of Emirates Tour

Aref Al-Awani stressed the importance of early announcement of the date of the second edition, and its role in preparing the organizational stages of the event, in light of the global echoes achieved by the first large version. He said, `` The Emirates Tour, as it was astonishing and surprising in the first edition, we promise to be the second version as well to highlight the successful regulatory role of the state, and to ensure that it is able to provide the best, with a strong infrastructure and generous support provided to the success of this event. '' He continued: «Emirates Tour is a big and strong boy and will remain so, it represents the UAE and its reputation for organizing the most important sporting events», pointing out that the economic returns, media and marketing, and the distinctive figures achieved by the first version, is an incentive to continue bidding.

«Audi» official car cruise

The organizing committee has unveiled its official partnership for the second consecutive year with Al Nabooda Automobiles Audi to become the official cars approved for all stages of the second edition of the Emirates Tour. “We are delighted and proud to continue our partnership, for the second year in a row, with an exceptional event such as Emirates Tour, one of the world's leading sporting events,” said Al Nabooda Automotive General Manager.

Numbers from the first version

- Four community races were held within the events accompanying the Emirates Tour, with the participation of 1000 contestants.

- 127 journalists (86 journalists and 41 photographers) from 78 international media participated in the tour.

- 200 countries broadcast and report on rafting competitions, including 64 countries broadcasting live competitions through Abu Dhabi and Dubai sports channels, and other international networks and TV channels, including Italian RAI, French channel L'Equipe, Sky Sport, and « Japan's DAZN, ESPN and FlowSport.

- Tawaf followed more than 6 million followers on «Facebook», 1.6 million followers on «Instagram», and a million people through «Twitter».

- Weights, equipment and cruise devices shipped to the UAE from 5 continents reached 16,000 kg.

- The number of participants in the Tour of the first version reached 140 riders, of whom 131 ran the entire race stages.

- The average speed of riders 40: 546 km per hour.

- During the touring period, the occupancy of hotels witnessed more than 4000 rooms.

- 2000 students aged 8-12 years participated in the educational program accompanying the circumnavigation about the benefits of cycling.