SAMURAI JAPAN Training camp before the international tournament Inaba Director “Towards the world's best” October 21, Miyazaki 23:06

Next month, Japan's representative players will enter Miyazaki City, where they will hold a training camp for the baseball international tournament `` Premier 12, '' which will also be held for the Tokyo Olympics qualifiers. "I want to go to".

“Premier 12” will be held as part of the qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics, and up to two teams will be eligible to participate in the tournament other than Japan, where the Olympics will be hosted.

The Japanese national team will meet in the first camp, Miyazaki City, on the 21st, with the exception of players scheduled to join in the first league starting in Taiwan on the 5th of next month. I was broken.

Director Inaba, who finished the meeting for about 30 minutes, said, “It's about to start. The players from Japan have not been the best in the world for the last 10 years. I would like to understand the athlete's condition at the training camp and make a good team. ”

On the other hand, Rakuten's pitcher Hiroki Matsui and Kohei Morihara, both of whom were expected to be reliefs, both declined to represent the team because of discomfort in the elbows of their dominant arms.

Director Inaba will convene a substitute player during the domestic camp.

The Japanese national team practiced in Miyazaki City until 26th of this month, moved to Naha City on 27th and continued to practice. On 31st and 1st of next month, they battled with the Canadian National Team to check the team's finish. , Will be in production.