Rugby Japan representative press conference `` Strengthen and continue popularity '' Oct. 21 at 17:20 showing future determination

It is important that the representatives of the Japanese national team who finished the tournament at the Rugby World Cup Japan's first 8 in the history of the tournament hold a press conference and continue to strengthen and excite based on the progress of this tournament. And showed his future determination.

In the Rugby World Cup, Japan ended the month-long battle after losing to South Africa, one of the winning candidates in the quarter finals on the 20th.

Overnight from South Africa, a press conference held in Tokyo was attended by all 31 representatives including Japan's Jamie Joseph Head Coach and captain Reach Michael.

Reach captain "Pride to be a captain"

In this, Reach recalled, "I am proud to be the captain of this team. I am very happy to be in the top 8. The players and their families have made various sacrifices for that." .

Tamura “Team pride for singing”

Yu Tamura, who supported the team as a command tower, said, “It was fun and it was a great tournament. Through the tournament, I thought that the Japanese national team had become the most admired team and could do their best to enter. I'm proud because there aren't many teams that set goals and speak. "

More possibilities for evolution "more than equal to strong opponents"

In this tournament, the Japanese national team tried a lot of tactics that are not afraid of risks such as off-road passes and attacks using kicks. I crossed over.

In addition, the scrum that has been regarded as a weak point often shows scenes that push the powerhouse, showing the evolution and further potential of Japanese rugby.

Players are determined to “strengthen and continue excitement”

As a result of the activities of the representatives of Japan, the game venue attracted almost full spectators, including so-called “Niwaka fans” who had never been interested in rugby.

One thing that came out from the players one after another at the press conference was the determination that it was important to continue the strengthening and excitement based on the progress of this tournament.

Horie "To the next World Cup" Himeno "I'm happy"

Shota Horie, the hooker who plays the front row of Scrum, said, “It is the player's job to make it stronger based on the present, and we must advance to the next World Cup with the aim of that,” Young Hope Kazuki Himeno said, “I'm glad that this is exciting. I want to convey the charm and splendor of rugby because the future is important.”

Tanaka "Best 4 is not a dream"

And Shiro Tanaka, who participated in three consecutive tournaments, said the strictness of winning in the World Cup, “Japan has become stronger and it has become an environment where fans can support, but it is not a tournament that can be won once.” “I have to keep trying to get my fans to come to the next French tournament, and if I can connect children, students, top league players and representatives with Japanese rugby, they will become stronger. “The best 4 is not a dream,” he concluded.

Under the direction of Joseph Head Coach, players who have developed autonomy and leadership are firmly looking ahead to the future of rugby.