Qatari professional boxer Sheikh Fahd bin Khalid bin Jassim Al Thani won the knockout victory against his Romanian counterpart Marius Petri in Sunday's confrontation between them in the Spanish city of Saragossa in the lightweight center, which was held under the supervision of the Association of Professional Boxers.

It is the second victory for Sheikh Fahad Al Thani over his rival Petri after he had already beaten them in the confrontation that took place between them last July, where the Association of Professional Boxers in Spain repeated the confrontation between them to serve as the superiority and decisiveness of the Qatari boxer to win again, or achieve the Romanian boxer To win and then select a third meeting between them.

It is also the 13th consecutive victory for the Qatari boxer during his professional career in professional boxing, which did not exceed two years, in the thirteenth match played by achieving the full mark so far.

Sheikh Fahad Bin Khalid Al Thani expressed his delight at achieving a new victory and approaching his goal of reaching 25 official encounters in the world of professional boxing.

He explained that the more he wins the more difficult the confrontations because he is engaged in confrontations with more experienced boxers in this field, in addition to the Association of Professional Boxers in Spain does not determine the rival he will face only 24 hours before the confrontation.

Sheikh Fahd is scheduled to continue his training after returning to Doha with his French coach Frank Bohic. In the coming period, there will be a porter boxer Carlos Leon to play friendly matches that can correct mistakes as well as apply the style of play in the next stage, before facing the next and scheduled in the second. From next November.