• Sanction: 300 euros fine for Barça for the Griezmann case
  • Document: An email uncovers the hidden negotiation of Griezmann and Barça

Barcelona has paid 15 million euros to Atlético de Madrid to achieve peace in the 'Griezmann case' . The Barça team has signed a confidential agreement with the rojiblanco club for which he pays the aforementioned amount in exchange for not sending out the emails that are in his possession and that prove that Barça negotiated illegally with the player. In these, the distribution of commissions during the hiring of the French international is reflected in great detail. The legal coverage that has been given to the agreement goes through the acquisition by the Barça club of a right of first refusal on half a dozen red and white players. Two of them are from the first team: Saúl and Giménez .

As EL MUNDO revealed, the club presided by Enrique Cerezo currently has an email chain between Antoine Griezmann , his sister and agent, Maud , his lawyers and advisors and his father, Alain , in which it remains proof that last March they signed their signing for Barça and the distribution of 14 million in commissions.

In this documentation the intervention of the personal lawyer of the soccer player, Sevan Karian , contrasts with that of other advisors of the player, since he always opposed the establishment of contacts with Barça while Atlético played the Champions League against Juventus of Turin .

With all these elements in its possession, the position of the rojiblanco team from the first moment has been to claim 80 million euros from Barça, which is the difference between the 120 million clause paid by Griezmann and the 200 to which it amounted in March, when the pact was forged.

Atlético denounced the facts before the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the Competition Committee sanctioned the Barça club only with 300 euros for the lack of notification of the negotiations to Atlético, while dismissing the alternative proposal of the instructor to close the Camp Nou a match.

Finally both parties have signed an agreement that, although it is intended that this documentation does not come to light, contemplates a completely different concept. It is not, therefore, an option to buy the Barça team on Atlético players, but simply the obligation of Atlético to give Barça the possibility of matching any offer that arrives on a series of determined players.

All this as long as Atlético is willing to sell, the player to leave the club and there is a team interested in hiring. Only in this scenario the club chaired by Enrique Cerezo is obliged to communicate to Barça in a short time the existing offer to give it the preferential option to match or improve it.

Sources close to Atlético de Madrid have recognized this newspaper the existence of this agreement with Barcelona, ​​but they disconnect it from the Griezmann case. Barcelona, ​​for its part, also admitted the agreement.

This Tuesday, read in EL MUNDO the complete instrahistory of negotiation: A former dentist and a mysterious lawyer: the loose ends of Operation Griezmann

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