In the interview with C More, which has spread on social media, Karlsson said as follows:

- I still think he plays on the ball, but then he is up with the sole and I do not know if that is what the referee is wearing. Still, I think he goes on the ball and I think it feels pretty hard with a red card.

Today, Karlsson backs a bit on the issue.

- As I said yesterday, the bet is red, so it is. I don't think the judge is wrong. It depends on how he assesses the situation, whether it is free expulsion or not, but the bet is red, I buy it, he tells GT.

After the AIK loss, it looks really tough for Falkenberg in the Allsvenskan. With two laps remaining, they are the last in the table with a point up to the qualifying spot which is now held by Gif Sundsvall.

See the expulsion situation in the player above.