Khorfakkan coach Paolo Camille failed to achieve positive results and convincing technical performance for Al-Nsour fans, who are bottom of the Arabian Gulf League with one point, as well as in his group in the Arabian Gulf Cup, without succeeding in leading the team to achieve Any win in eight games, contrary to Khorfakkan's anticipation before the start of the season, compared to the potential and elements of success provided by the football company to the team.

The Emirates Today monitored 10 technical errors in which Brazilian coach Paulo Camille led to his dismissal, led by the failure to employ players in positions commensurate with their potential, and not to give talented players the opportunity, and other reasons, as follows:

1 Brazilian Bismarck

Camille insisted that Bismarck, one of the team's most prominent professionals, should be involved in an unaccustomed position, the left winger, while Bismarck is known to be a good playmaker, and he has played a prominent role when playing in the Saudi league. The two centers at once.

Overstock 2 players

The overcrowding of the new players, who were hired by the football company, under the supervision of Camille, and the number of 22 players, other than five players of the promotion season, confused the training work, especially since many players with different technical specifications, and play in one place, while vacant Some positions of players or limited to one or two players, such as outright striker status, what caused technical instability.

3 delayed win

The delay in winning the morale of the first team of players and managers, and reflected negatively on the results, as coach Camille did not succeed in leading the Eagles Khorfakkan to any official victory in eight games played (four in both Cups and the Arabian Gulf League).

4 Fahd Hadeed

Camille did not realize the technical and leadership potential of the player Fahd Hadid, did not give him the full role, but excluded him from the main squad in most games, which is good at playing in more than one center, including the playmaker, which contributed to the lack of important technical efforts, especially since Khorfakkan was in He needed the services of this center, specifically for Hadid, who made a remarkable performance in his matches.

5 Players Talent

The Khorfakkan coach focused on more experienced players than youngsters, relying on the names of the players rather than giving them, which affected the team's collective performance, which led him to not give real opportunities for players talents and young ages, including Omar Ahmed Gohar, who revealed technical potential Featured early season.

6 Brazilian foreigners

Camille gave an exaggerated role to the Brazilian players, relying on their technical performance, without distributing roles to all players, which created a technical gap that directly affected the required harmony with the other players, and contributed to the decline of the team's collective performance.

7 Stability in the lineup

During the games he led to a single or somewhat close squad, coach Camille did not prove a good match since he played friendly matches in the outer camp, up to the official matches, but it changed the position of the players in a way that affected the technical stability.

8 Game Maker

Khorfakkan missed a well-placed player in the playmaker's position, which he gave to Brazilian player Gumiris (Dodo), while he was playing in another position, behind the attackers, affecting the lack of attacks awaited the outright striker.

9 variation in defenders

The difference in the efficiency of the defenders who participated in the games contributed to the lack of understanding among them, and led to a poor performance in the defense area, which led to loopholes that resulted in the goal of the team receiving easy goals, especially in the last game against Al Jazira.

10 players last season

Camille insisted on not taking advantage of the players last season, who led the team to the historic rise to play in the professional league, which deprived the "Khorfakkan Eagles" the efforts of players in the status of Adel Saqr, Abdul Qadir Qanbar, Mohammed Malallah, Saif Mohammed and others, who are considered outstanding players.

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