A member of the Board of Directors of Sharjah Sports Club, the supervisor of the first football team, Mohammed Saeed Bozingal, has confirmed the safety of the Brazilian player Rafael Resende, not to play for his country, before signing him from Fluminense and was registered in the category of resident player, after some circulation of communication sites Rafael played for Brazil, and published a picture of the player with the Brazilian player Neymar, the two jerseys of Brazil, Zengal pointed out that the excitement of such an event at this time aimed at confusing the team, which currently tops the league standings.

The Executive Regulations of the Association of Professionals stipulate that “a registered player in the category of residents shall have a valid residence in the State. The registration of foreign players previously registered in the category of foreign player shall not be transferred to the category of resident player. "Like any other country in any official international football competition, as stipulated in the statutes of FIFA." Bozengal told Emirates Today in response to what has been circulated that Rafael played for his country: “Sharjah Club has already addressed the Brazilian Football Confederation to make sure that Rafael and Marcos Meloni are not playing for their country before being placed in Sharjah. Resident Player Category. Bozingal said the image of Rafael with Neymar on social media was old.

Rafael, who substituted in his team's match against Al Wasl, scored Sharjah's fourth goal against Al Wasl during the two teams in the Arabian Gulf Cup, which ended in Sharjah 4-0, while Marcus scored Sharjah's fifth goal against Al Wasl in Saturday's match. Fourth of the Arabian Gulf League. In October, Sharjah signed Rafael as a resident on the final day of the summer transfer window. The club also included Brazilian player Marcos Meloni in the three-year contract.

On the other hand, Buznjal confirmed that the stability of the squad he has been playing since last season, and the strong competition between the main players in the squad and substitutes made the difference in the team currently leading the standings of the Arabian Gulf League with 12 points, describing Brazilian professional player Igor Cornado with the trump card. For any team with solutions, stressing that Sharjah renewed the player's contract to continue with Sharjah until 2023 in the wake of the advanced technical level he has provided with the team, pointing out that Igor is the pleasure of the league and there are those who sing it, stressing that Sharjah has benefited so far by 60% of resolution The participation of the players, stressing that the ambition of the team is to stay in the lead until the end of the league. Buzengal said: «The things that made the difference is the pause of the Board of Directors by providing support and requirements for the team and technical and administrative stability and a homogeneous lineup of players, after keeping the coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari on the team that played the league last season, as well as the presence of substitutes Players with the level of key players, and proof of the technical level presented by the team in front of Al Wasl and won by four clean goals with a majority of replacements in the Arabian Gulf Cup ». "There is a lot of competition between the main players and the substitutes in the team," he said. "Despite the lack of two key players, Majid Sorour due to suspension and Saif Rashid due to injury, the substitutes proved their presence with the team. The players, including Abdul Basit Mohammed, Brazilian Meloni, Marcos and Rafael ». What distinguishes the Sharjah team from the rest of the other teams in the league, Buznjal stressed that the team is characterized by its style, besides that the club is also characterized by the spirit of family and homogeneity and harmony between the players and the technical and administrative staff and medical staff.

In response to a question on whether Sharjah has a long breath to continue the competition and maintain the lead, he stressed that Sharjah can complete the journey, pointing out that competition in the league is still in its infancy, and that things can change in the second round by entering some teams in the competition, such as Island and victory.

Igor loved the UAE and was relieved with Sharjah

Buzengal confirmed that Brazilian player Igor Kornado is an interesting player who benefits the team and the UAE football.He was named the best foreign player in the league last season, and the club's management renewed his contract until 2023, because if the player feels stable, he gives the best.

He continued: «Igor love the UAE and Sharjah, so he is comfortable with the team».

Igor has become the focus of attention of large clubs, both domestic and foreign, after shining remarkably with Sharjah and has become the trump card in the ranks of «King», but Sharjah Club anticipated events and renewed with the player until 2023.

Igor was the top scorer in the Arabian Gulf League with five goals, after leading his team Sharjah to a historic victory over Al Wasl, last Saturday, five goals to one goal in the fourth round of the league.