Athletes uncovered a crisis in handball, basketball and volleyball games, due to poor financial compensation paid by national players, and pushing them to migrate from closed halls to football stadiums in search of better financial returns, pointing out that the difference between the average salary of the player «round witch» If compared with a national professional player in the rest of the games, the difference will be reduced to AED 1.8 million, if compared with the foreign professional in the basket, hand and plane.

"The salaries of football professionals are for a whole season (12 months), compared to other games where the clubs themselves resort to a season of limited to a maximum of 10 months, in order to reduce expenses," they told Emirates Today.

They explained that the average salary of a professional aircraft per season is 750 thousand dirhams (900 thousand maximum, 600 thousand minimum), compared with an average of 593 thousand dirhams for both basketball and hand professionals (910.7 thousand maximum and 256.6 thousand minimum) ».

They added that «the current figures for foreign professional basketball, aircraft and hand are lower than in the past few years, with the retracement of the track in terms of salaries and cut budgets, but the current differences compared to football highlights the difficulties experienced by the collective games in clubs at the level of Allocation of seasonal budgets for all teams ».

The agent of basketball players and coaches in the Middle East, Pascal Beiruti, confirmed that the current salaries of the basketball professional is about 50% lower than in 2016.

“The majority of clubs have cut budgets for their contracts with professional players, after the monthly salary rates for professionals in 2016 ranged from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000 (36.7 to 183.5 thousand dirhams), compared to $ 25,000 (91.7 thousand dirhams),” he said. ), Which is the highest salary for a foreign professional in basketball for the 2019-2020 season.

He added: «can not be compared to the basketball professionals in all the Gulf region, compared to the players paid football, which is the first popular game, for which clubs allocate the bulk of its annual budget, there are many football players, especially in the UAE and Saudi league up the value of their contracts To millions of dollars, compared to the average salary of basketball professionals in the Gulf, which ranges between $ 7 and $ 25 thousand per month, taking into account that the players are paid a full season (12 months), offset by the requirements for the majority of contracts in basketball to be a contract and a maximum 10 Months ».

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