The Eredivisie will be resumed on Saturday with no fewer than five games: RKC Waalwijk-Ajax (1-2), AZ-sc Heerenveen (2-4), FC Twente-Willem II (started at 7:45 PM), FC Utrecht-PSV and VVV-Venlo -Vitesse (both 8.45 p.m.). Follow everything in our live blog.

Good evening and welcome to the Eredivisie live blog. We (Pepijn Jansen and Jeroen van Barneveld) will keep you informed of the five evening games in the national competition.

  • Eredivisie
  • LIVE:
  • FC Twente-Willem II 0-1
  • Program:
  • 20.45: FC Utrecht-PSV
  • 20.45: VVV-Venlo-Vitesse
  • Results:
  • AZ sc Heerenveen 2-4
  • RKC Waalwijk-Ajax 1-2

RKC-Ajax · 7 minutes ago

Ajax scared free at the closing of the RKC
Ajax escapes at RKC Waalwijk with a surprising loss of points. Thanks to a nice swipe by Promes in the 76th minute, the team from Amsterdam won after a moderate performance with 1-2 in the Mandemakers Stadium. Ajax therefore remains in the lead with 26 points from ten matches, RKC dangles at the bottom with a meager point.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 8 minutes ago

Heerenveen records surprising victory at AZ
AZ surprisingly suffers a loss at home against sc Heerenveen. The team of coach Arne Slot loses in The Hague with 2-4. Heerenveen soon leads thanks to a goal from Sven Botman, after which Ron Vlaar tied the score. Even before half time the Frisians run out to 1-3 thanks to Rodney Kongolo and Jens Odgaard. After the tea, Calvin Stengs still made the connection goal, but after Teun Koopmeiners' own goal, Heerenveen secured the win.

RKC-Ajax · 10 minutes ago

90 + 3 'Goalkeeper Vaessen also comes forward with a corner, but the ball passes over him.

RKC-Ajax · 13 minutes ago

90 'RKC gets 5 minutes of injury time to drag an equalizer out of the fire.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 14 minutes ago

87 'What a chance for AZ. Calvin Stengs is outlawed, but is aiming over from the edge of the penalty area.

RKC-Ajax · 16 minutes ago

85 'What does Ajax escape there. Substitute Darren Maatsen has the ball close by for shooting, but Dest and Blind take the ball in a spectacular way from the line. That way it stays 1-2, with five minutes to go.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 17 minutes ago

84 'Dani de Wit leaves here an imposed chance of an exciting final phase. Up close, he meets Heerenveen goalkeeper Warner Hahn.

FC Utrecht-PSV · 18 minutes ago

Ritsu Doan is still inspecting the turf in Galgenwaard Stadium. At 8.45 pm the first whistle sounds in Utrecht.

On the right side tonight ... @doan_ritsu 🤝 @ DenzelJMD2 #UTRPSV

Avatar Author PSVMoment of places20: 09 - 19 October 2019

RKC-Ajax · 22 minutes ago

81 'RKC coach Grim complains to the referee and is penalized with yellow. He takes this card with a cynical thumb.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 25 minutes ago

76 'At AZ, faith ebbs away after the 2-4 from sc Heerenveen, despite several offensive changes from AZ coach Arne Slot. The Frisians seem to be surprisingly winning in The Hague.

RKC-Ajax · 28 minutes ago

76 ' GOAL Ajax! 1-2

Promes hits wonderfully through the bottom of the bar and thus restores Ajax's lead. RKC complains to referee Lindhout because it thinks it should have had a corner just before that.

FC Utrecht-PSV · 28 minutes ago

Robbin Ruiter, PSV's reserve goalkeeper, receives a warm applause from the FC Utrecht supporters. From 2012 to 2017, the goalkeeper was under the bar with the Domstedelingen.

👋 Welcome back, Robbin! #utrpsv #fcutrecht #eredivisie

Avatar Author FC UtrechtMoment of places20: 00 - October 19, 2019

RKC-Ajax · 30 minutes ago

Saïd Bakkari slides the ball after an hour of play behind goalkeeper Onana and is currently the celebrated man in the home team.

RKC-Ajax · 34 minutes ago

68 'Annoying scenes from the branch, where plenty of fireworks are lit. Some torches also end up on the edge of the field, but after that the peace seems to return.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 38 minutes ago

63 'GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-4

Teun Koopmeiners scored a tremendous own goal. Rodney Kongolo heads the ball high into the air after a corner kick and on the goal line the AZ captain works the ball in his own goal. Heerenveen again takes a margin of two in The Hague.

FC Twente-Willem II · 38 minutes ago

6 'GOAL Willem II! 0-1

A great start for Willem II in Enschede. Vrousai opens the score after more than five minutes at the request of Heerkens.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 38 minutes ago

63 'Another chance for Jens Odgaard. The edge of sc Heerenveen hit hard from edge 16 meters, AZ goalkeeper Marco Bizot had to stretch.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 40 minutes ago

60 'Jens Odgaard has an imposed chance to give Heerenveen a 2-4 lead, but Ron Vlaar prevents the Frisian blow to the ground with a nice intervention.

RKC-Ajax · 41 minutes ago

62 'GOAL RKC! 1-1

While RKC still missed opportunities in the first half, the home team now strikes. Siad Bakkari is responsible for the surprising equalizer.

VVV-Venlo-Vitesse · 41 minutes ago

Vitesse hopes to be able to continue running at the top in the Eredivisie. The current number four of the Eredivisie starts at 20.45 in the away game against VVV-Venlo.

Setup Vitesse: Pasveer; Dasa, Doekhi, Obispo, Clark; Foor, Bazoer, Bero, Linssen; Dicko, Matavz.

Setup VVV-Venlo: Kirschbaum; Pachonik, Röseler, Schäfer, Janssen; Post, Cattermole, Neudecker; Van Ooijen, Wright, Yeboah.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 43 minutes ago

58 'AZ hits the gas hard and SC Heerenveen has nothing to say anymore in The Hague. It is waiting for the 3-3.

FC Twente-Willem II · 44 minutes ago

1 'Kickoff! The numbers eleven and ten of the Eredivisie started in Enschede. Bet: a place in the left row.

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

56 'After the goal, Ajax is lord and master in Waalwijk. The home team hardly gets rid of their own half anymore.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

55 'Not long ago, the Frisian euphoria dominated after Jens Odgaard's 1-3, but Heerenveen's laughter has long since disappeared after Calvin Stengs's 2-3. Does the team of coach Johnny Jansen stand still?

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

51 'It's almost 3-3 in the Cars Jeans Stadium there! Heerenveen goalkeeper Warner Hahn has to take action twice to defeat Dani de Wit's header and Oussama Idrissi's shot.

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

51 'Ajax appears much brighter in the second half than before the break and gets chances to expand the score. A directional shot from Tadic just went over, while Huntelaar also failed to make the 0-2.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

50 'Trainer Arne Slot receives a yellow card from referee Björn Kuipers. What is not entirely clear for what.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

48 'GOAL AZ! 2-3

There is the fast connection goal that AZ hopes for. Whoever scores other than Calvin Stengs with a shot, but goalie Warner Hahn is certainly not going free.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

Kickoff! The second half of AZ-sc Heerenveen has started. Can the home club do something about the 1-3 deficit?

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

46 'GOAL Ajax! 0-1

The second half has barely begun or Ajax is taking the lead. A measured pass from Dest is tapped into the goal by Tadic at the second post.

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

46 'The second half in Waalwijk has started.

FC Utrecht-PSV · one hour ago

PSV is visiting FC Utrecht tonight, where it normally does good business in the Eredivisie. Nevertheless, the people of Eindhoven do not like to think back to the previous meeting at Stadion Galgenwaard, when the Domstedelingen held out against a siege by the team of trainer Mark van Bommel. At PSV, Mohamed Ihattaren starts in the starting line-up. His father died a few weeks ago after a long illness.

FC Utrecht set-up: Paes; Klaiber, Janssen, Hoogma, Van der Maarel; Van Overeem, Maher, Gustafson, Ramselaar; Church, Van de Streek.

PSV setup: Sweet; Dumfries, Baumgartl, Viergever, Sadílek; Rosario, Hendrix, Ihattaren; Doan, Malen, Mountain wine.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

Peace! AZ is in serious trouble for the first time this season, because at halftime the Alkmaarders are facing a surprising 1-3 deficit against the razor-sharp SC Heerenveen. Ron Vlaar initially repaired the opening goal of Sven Botman, but then Rodney Kongolo Heerenveen took the lead again. In the last minute of the injury time, Jens Odgaard also makes the 1-3.

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

Halfway it is 0-0 in the Mandemakers Stadium and Ajax should certainly not complain about that. The best chances in the first half were without a doubt for RKC.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

45 + 3 'GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-3

What is happening here in The Hague? sc Heerenveen increases the margin with AZ and again the Frisians score from a corner. Striker Jens Odgaard taps in at the second post.

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

45 'Ajax tries to come out quickly on the stroke of half time. His cross - which goes beyond everything and everyone - is illustrative of the sloppy play of the visitors.

RKC-Ajax · one hour ago

39 'Another excellent opportunity for RKC! After a smooth attack, the ball lands at Elbers, but Onana is in the right corner.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

36 'GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-2

SC Heerenveen takes the lead again in The Hague. After a nice attack, Joey Veerman laid the ball wide on Rodney Kongolo, who left AZ goalkeeper Marco Bizot without a chance on the edge.

FC Twente-Willem II · one hour ago

Latibeaudiere replaces Pleguezuelo
Joel Latibeaudiere will make his debut in the Eredivisie. The Englishman replaces Julio Pleguezuelo, who serves a suspension of three games. This is the line-up of FC Twente against Willem II.

FC Twente set-up: Drommel; Latibeaudiere, Bees, Schenk, Verdonk; Brama, Espinosa, Roemeratoe; Cantalapiedra, Vuckic, Nakamura.

🙌🏻 The names for tonight⚔️ Let's do this boys! #fctwente #twewil

Avatar Author FC Twente Moment of Places 18: 56 - October 19, 2019

AZ-sc Heerenveen · one hour ago

31 'GOAL AZ! 1-1

SC Heerenveen is immediately presented with the bill after the failure of Mitchell van Bergen in a outage. Ron Vlaar heads in a beautifully cut corner by Teun Koopmeiners. AZ on level with Heerenveen.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

30 'AZ is slowly starting to take the initiative after the whirlwind opening phase of sc Heerenveen. We are waiting for a whim of Calvin Stengs or Oussama Idrissi.

RKC-Ajax · 2 hours ago

28 'A shot from the left of Ziyech sails just over the crossing. Ajax, which is no less than 22 points above tonight's opponent, has not been closer to a goal.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

27 'AZ goalkeeper Marco Bizot goes to the floor and feels his left calf. That doesn't look good. Reserve goalkeeper Jasper Schendelaar starts warming up.

RKC-Ajax · 2 hours ago

23 'Ziyech, who plays his hundredth Eredivisie match for Ajax, sees his pass on Tadic disappear over the line. Ajax has come off the starting blocks in Waalwijk very hard.

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

Sven Botman, who is being hired from Ajax this season, in ecstasy after his first goal in the Eredivisie, against AZ. It is therefore his first goal in the service of SC Heerenveen.

RKC-Ajax · 2 hours ago

17 'RKC continues to brutally seek the attack and also gets the best chances. This time it is Spierings who can pull a sprint towards the goal of Ajax, although he is then rushed.

RKC-Ajax · 2 hours ago

14 'Fred Grim did not win any Eredivisie duels as a coach. He can become the first coach in the Eredivisie to close his first ten games without winning since Jan Vreman at De Graafschap in 2015 (first 13 games in the 2015/2016 season).

AZ-sc Heerenveen · 2 hours ago

12 'AZ captain Teun Koopmeiners tries to attack the goal of Warner Hahn from a great distance. His attempt ends between the posts, but especially in the hands of goalkeeper Hahn.

RKC-Ajax · 2 hours ago

8 'A first moment for Ajax. A header from Promes ends in the hands of goalkeeper Vaessen.

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