The Swedish Zlatan Ibrahimovic , forward of the Los Angeles Galaxy , said Saturday that coach Pep Guardiola "never" wanted to confront him and that, after an altercation in the 2009-2010 academic year, the Spaniard "hid" to avoid Cross with your footballer.

"We never had a confrontation, just because of him. And when we faced him he was hiding from me. I expected it to happen before leaving the locker room. As a technician it is a phenomenon, but as a man ...", said Ibrahimovic, in a interview granted to "La Gazzetta dello Sport".

Ibrahimovic was bought by Barcelona in 2009 and won a Spanish League with Guardiola on the bench, but the incompatibility of character between the Swede and the Spanish coach caused the player's departure the following summer and his signing for Milan.

If the relationship with Guardiola was negative, Ibrahimovic keeps a good memory of the Portuguese José Mourinho, with whom he worked in his time at Inter: " Mourinho is still the 'Special One', a winner . I hope he will return to training soon and I am sure he will win immediately. "

At 38, Ibrahimovic finished the regular season of the American Major League Soccer (MLS) with 30 goals in 29 games and will face Minnesota this Sunday in the round of 16 of the "Playoff" (qualifiers) for the title. If he advanced, he would play the derby against Los Angeles FC.

This could be his last season in the United States, as his contract expires in December this year and the Swede explained that the intention is to continue competing.

" I am 38 years old and the illusion of a child , with the same desire to succeed. This is fundamental for me, I still do not think about my future, I will do it calmly with my family. To continue I need something particular, to keep my motivation alive , in Los Angeles or elsewhere, "he said.

"Italy is my second home. I will listen to everything, but I want to fight for the maximum . If I return I want to fight for the title, I do not look for those who give me confidence just because my name is Ibrahimovic. I am not a zoo animal that people will see , I can still make a difference, "he continued.

The Swede, who competed in Italy with Juventus Turin, Inter and Milan, in addition to playing in Europe with Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint Germain and Manchester United, did not exclude the hypothesis of signing for Naples.

"I liked the last documentary about (the Argentine, Diego Armando) Maradona, nobody is like him . I would almost want to try an experience in Naples, it would be great to replicate what Diego did. I am not saying that I will go there, but it is a team that creates enthusiasm. With me San Paolo would always be full, "he said.

And, by the time he retires, Ibrahimovic wants to have "an important role, to have responsibility and the power to decide." He excluded, however, being technical, he joked, "there is a lot of stress and in a season you get older than ten years. Also, if necessary, I could not jump into the field and make a difference."

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