Nils Eekhoff challenges his disqualification at the World Cycling Championships at the international sports tribunal CAS. The North Hollander initially conquered the world title with the promises, but was withdrawn from the results after lengthy jury deliberation due to stay.

The 21-year-old Eekhoff fell early in the title fight at the end of last month at the promises. According to the jury of the UCI international cycling union, he would have stuck behind a car with another 120 kilometers ahead in the chase on the peloton.

Half an hour after Eekhoff was the first to cross the finish line in Yorkshire, he was disqualified. Team Sunweb's trainee was already on his way to the podium when he heard he had been scrapped from the result.

"When I suddenly heard of disqualification, I burst into tears," the disillusioned Eekhoff then said. "I was not aware of any harm and I never thought I was playing with fire."

Nils Eekhoff burst into tears after his disqualification. (Photo: Getty Images)

"The application of the rule on accommodation must be changed"

The KNWU previously announced that it would not appeal against the decision, but the Dutch cycling association now supports Eekhoff in his move to the CAS. The union believes that the rule about staying is not consistently applied during the season.

"The application of that rule must be different," says director Thorwald Veneberg on Saturday at the NOS . "Nils must also be clear why that decision was made at that time, because we do not have it at the moment."

"That way, maybe something good can come out of this situation," Veneberg continues. "In any case, have a good look at those regulations and their application. And then we'll see what the result will be."

Eekhoff could call himself the first Dutch world champion among the promises, but had to leave the gold to the Italian Samuele Battistella.