Canoe Slalom Boys Yazawa Aiming for the 4th Contest

NHK International Canoe Slalom, an international tournament that also serves as a representative for the Tokyo Olympics, is a male kayak single on the 2nd day. I went to the semi-finals.

The event will be held at the Tokyo Olympic Games venue in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, and the final selection of the Olympic team will be held for a total of four events for both men and women. It was.

Yazawa who participated in the men's kayak single never advanced to the semi-final on the 20th with a 88.20 point qualifying total 16th place without penalty without touching the gate.

Kazuya Adachi, who won the silver medal at the Asian Games last year, passed the qualifying in 17th place overall.

Women's Canadian Singles will be held for the first time at the Tokyo Olympics, and Ehime Yagi, who won the tournament last year, advanced to the semi-final with 10th place overall.

The final day of the tournament is the 20th, with various semi-finals and finals being held. NHK will broadcast the tournament via BS1 from 2pm.