UEFA is no longer allowing teams from Russia and Kosovo to play against each other. The European Football Association says it has taken that decision for safety reasons.

Kosovo and Russia still compete in the qualifying series for the European Championship of 2021 for women. Those matches are played on neutral ground.

Both countries would actually face each other on October 4. However, that confrontation was canceled because Russians and Serbs threatened to disturb the meeting.

Kosovo and Russia are in a pool with the Netherlands, which won 2-0 in Russia at the beginning of this month in Eindhoven and has not yet played against Kosovo.

Kosovo became a member of UEFA three years ago

Kosovo became an official member of UEFA three years ago, under great protest from Serbia, which tried to prevent this, but it was not responded to.

The tension between Kosovo and Serbia has been increasing ever since last summer. Kosovo then decided to set up its own army, something that went down the wrong way with the Serbs.

UEFA has been taking political issues between countries into account for some time. Teams from Kosovo and Serbia and Russia and Ukraine are also being separated from each other, just like those from Azerbaijan and Armenia and Gibraltar and Spain.