Defending champion Jeffrey Hoogland and Harrie Lavreysen will compete against each other at the European Championship track cycling in Apeldoorn on Friday evening in the final of the sprint, as a result of which the Netherlands will win gold and silver anyway. At the omnium, Kirsten Wild is still on the way for title prolongation with one component remaining.

The 26-year-old Hoogland and the four-year-younger Lavreysen met each other twice this year in the sprint final of a major tournament. Lavreysen defeated his countryman at the beginning of March at the World Cup in Poland and Highland took revenge at the European Games in Minsk in June.

Hoogland was twice clearly too strong for Denis Dmitriev in the semi-finals on Friday in Apeldoorn. The 33-year-old Russian was unable to threaten the Dutchman in both races. In his half-final battle against 24-year-old Pool Mateusz Rudyk, Lavreysen only needed two races.

Lavreysen and Hoogland already extended the European title on the team sprint with their teammates Matthijs Büchli and Roy van den Berg on Wednesday. Together with the Dutch team, the duo also became world champion in that part in 2018 and 2019.

Hoogland (26) became European sprint champion last year and in 2015. Two years ago he was also good for silver in this part. Lavreysen was good for bronze at the European Championships in Glasgow last year, so far his only European Championship medal in the sprint.

Kirsten Wild drives as the reigning world champion omnium in the rainbow jersey in Apeldoorn. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Wild in the lead at Omnium

Wild took the lead at the omnium on Friday evening by convincingly driving to victory in the waste race, the third part. The 37-year-old Dutchman was fourth on the scratch in the afternoon and seventh in the temporace.

With 102 points, Wild, with only the points race to go, has a lead of four points on the number two, the British Laura Kenny. The Italian Letizia Paternoster is third with 96 points.

Clara Copponi was in the lead after two parts in the rankings, but the Frenchwoman fell by an eleventh place in the waste to five (92 points). The Danish Amalie Dideriksen fell after the third part from two to four with 94 points.

Wild is a double world champion (2018 and 2019) and last year's European champion on the omnium. At European Championships she also won silver three times and one time bronze in the competition.

De Zwolse won the seventh European title from her career at the waste rate on Thursday, but that part, just like the scratch - on which she finished seventh on Wednesday - is not Olympic. The omnium is, just like the head-rate on Sunday. At the European Championship, important points can be earned for Olympic qualification.

Top five fully comprehensive women after three components

  • 1. Kirsten Wild (Ned) - 102 points
  • 2. Laura Kenny (GB) - 98 points
  • 3. Letizia Paternoster (Ita) - 96 points
  • 4. Amalie Dideriksen (Den) - 94 points
  • 5. Clara Copponi (Fra) - 92 points

Van Schip third after two parts

For the men, Jan-Willem van Schip started the omnium excellently by writing the scratch to his name. In the temporace the Dutchman finished fifth, making him third after two parts with 72 points, just as much as the Danish number two Lasse Norman Hansen.

The Frenchman Benjamin Thomas is in the lead by a second place on the scratch and a first place in the temporace with 78 points.

The 25-year-old Van Schip picked up gold on the omnium earlier this year at the European Games. Last year he was good for silver at the World Championship in Apeldoorn.

The men drive a waste race and a point race on Friday evening.

Top five fully comprehensive men after two parts

  • 1. Benjamin Thomas (Fra) - 78 points
  • 2. Lasse Norman Hansen (Den) - 72 points
  • 3. Jan-Willem van Schip (Ned) - 72 points
  • 4. Oliver Wood (GB) - 66 points
  • 5. Albert Torres (Spa) - 62 points