LONDON (Reuters) - Former England international Paul Gascoigne was acquitted of sexual assault on Monday for harassing a woman on a train last year, but reserved the right to pursue him for non-sexual assault.

Gascoigne, 52, appeared Monday at the Teesside Crown Court in the north of England, against the backdrop of a woman's alleged drunken grabbing of her face and kissing her during a train journey in August 2018. Sexual purposes. "You are now innocent and you can leave," Judge Peter Armstrong told Gascoigne in the courtroom after the jury's decision.

Gascoigne, known as "Gazza", made his fame with Newcastle United before moving to Tottenham in 1988, and then to Lazio, Italy, before carrying him to the ranks of several clubs, most notably Glasgow Rangers.

The former midfielder, known for his sharp print, is one of the most outstanding talents of his generation and was one of the keys to the England side that reached the semi-finals of Italy 1990 (England lost on penalties to West Germany). He made 57 caps for the "Three Lions".