Nilla Fischer has not played damall Swedish football since the 0-0 match against Kristianstad on 10 August. The 35-year-old national team star has been hit with a health injury this fall. Once it had healed, Fischer instead had problems with a mucus in his left knee.

When two rounds remain in the damall Swedish - Linköping has Limhamn / Bunkeflo and Kif Örebro still to meet - it is uncertain in case the center-back will play something more. On the positive side, however, she is finally injury-free.

- I had a knee problem last week, but it feels much better now. I coached football on Wednesday and Thursday and have not had a negative reaction to it. But it is important to be patient and not to go too hard. But that's a good sign that no reaction has come. It is nice to feel pain-free. I have to try to be smart now even though I don't know anything, she tells SVT Sport.

Poor season

Do you play against LB07 on Sunday?

- I don't think I'll play. We'll see what they say tomorrow (Saturday). I always think I'm ready for a match. But I haven't played in two months, so I have no expectations so. I doubt it. It would have been fun to get to know a little match situation before the season is over.

LFC is sixth in the series and has been a bit of a disappointment this year. Fischer, however, is most disappointed with her win at the club since arriving after the World Cup bronze this summer.

- It's been hard. I had high expectations of myself being able to help Linköping get swept on the gold medal, but it is clear that it feels disappointing to me personally not to be able to play more than five matches. It's been quite a few years since I was injured, so that's an above situation.