FIFA has unveiled the official logo of the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup, inspired by the cultural history of the host country.

The logo was dominated by the idea of ​​presenting football as a pearl, evoking one of Qatar's oldest industries.

The design of the iridescent sphere adopts an architectural decorating element that is famous for housing in the Middle East known as the Mashrabiya and involves wood carving and decoration.

The Mashrabiya decorative style has a long history, just like the pearl industry, and its early models date back to the Middle Ages.

Mashrabiyat has an attractive beauty from the outside as well as a functional role, which provides cooling of the house from the inside, making it an aesthetic element glamorous from both inside and outside.

The tournament logo is dominated by the maroon color, the national color of Qatar, in addition to the dark turquoise color of the waters of Doha Bay.

The FIFA report on the emblem of the tournament pointed out that the magnificent pearl rises on forms evoking the vast desert and adorned with diacritics in Arabic characters.

⚽️ Ball:
The Pearl of Qatar and the Middle East Mashrabiya
سم Body:
Dotting the Arabic language and the desert sands
- Burgundy Qatar and Turquoise Gulf
Ladies and gentlemen 🥁
Introducing the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup Qatar logo
Qatar's heritage, combined with world-class performance and the highest level of achievement a football team can achieve

- - Arabic (@fifacom_en) October 18, 2019

The 16th edition of the Club World Cup will take place from 11 to 21 December 2019.

The next step in the final preparations for the tournament, following the announcement of the official logo, will begin in the coming days as match tickets will be available exclusively to fans on the FIFA ticketing website.