Rugby: Discussions including the creation of a domestic professional league are active October 19th, 4:24 pm

While the World Cup Japan tournament is showing great excitement due to the rapid progress of the Japanese national rugby team, the Japan Rugby Association has been discussing how the domestic league should be, including the creation of a new professional league to raise interest in rugby after the tournament. It is becoming active.

At the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, 3 games were canceled for the first league due to the impact of Typhoon No. 19, but approximately 1.28 million people watched the 37 games played, and Japan advanced to the best 8 for the first time. It ’s a big excitement.

On the other hand, since the number of spectators has been declining since the previous tournament and the competition population has been declining, the Japan Rugby Association is actively discussing to raise interest in rugby after the tournament. It has become.

At this week's meeting of the Japan Society's board of directors, opinions were exchanged on how to change the domestic league, including the concept of creating a new professional league aimed at by Vice Chairman Katsuyuki Kiyomiya.

The Japan Association wants to carry out a new dissemination activity in cooperation with the official campsite of the team that participated in the tournament, and it will be asked whether it can produce a real legacy with the tailwind of the Japanese national team as a tailwind. Become.