Rugby World Cup South Africa match 2 points of Scrum's aspirations October 17 17:42

At the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, the Japanese national team practiced for the quarter-final against South Africa, which was approaching three days later. Was important. "

Japan entered the first 8 best in the first four league wins, and three days later this month, on 20th of this month, will face a quarterfinal against South Africa, one of the winning candidates in Chofu City, Tokyo.

The athletes practiced in Tokyo on the 17th, and in the first 15 minutes of the exhibition, players were engaged in stretching, etc., while Inagaki and Hooker Shota, the key players of Scrum, relaxed.

South Africa, the opponent, was the strongest player with two previous wins, especially Forward was one of the most powerful in the world, and Japan was inferior in set plays such as Scrum in the test match just before the tournament, losing greatly.

Inagaki, who met after the practice, pointed out the scrum points of the game against South Africa: “It is important that each person can make a Japanese scrum that is particular about the details throughout the game. “I want to remember the details,” he said.

In addition, Horie said, “Scrum can be all eight people. If even one person loses power, it will be brought to the strength of the opponent. That is the key.”

The semi-final of Japan vs. South Africa will be held at Tokyo Stadium from 7:15 pm on the 20th of this month, and NHK will be broadcast on TV, BS4K and Radio No. 1.

Himeno “I want to put pressure with speedy defense”

25-year-old Kazuki Himeno has been participating in all four games so far as a number 8 and flanker, and is pulling the team by offense and defense.

Himeno said, “I am very excited about the physical strength of South Africa, whether I can go ahead with the ball. The opponent's attack is also powerful, but Japan has been taking it for years. "I've been polishing the Rush Defense" and I want to put pressure on it with speedy defensiveness. "

Tanaka “I want to stretch my body with all my strength”

In addition, Shiro Tanaka, a scrum half player who participated in all four matches, said, “We have the same feelings for Japan as those who suffered damage from Typhoon No.19. I would like to stretch my body to deliver

Scott Hansen coach "physical match with South Africa"

Scott Hansen, who is in charge of the defense of Japan, said, “It ’s a physical game against South Africa, who is big and likes to carry the ball. How to stop the opponent ’s momentum is important. "I want to win the flow of contact and draw the flow."