Jeffrey Hoogland and Harrie Lavreysen have placed themselves convincingly on Thursday at the European Championship track cycling in Apeldoorn for the eighth finals of the sprint.

Hoogland and Lavreysen kept all other participants in the qualification. Title holder Hoogland rode the best time over 9 meters with 9,474, followed by world champion Lavreysen with 9,510.

On Thursday evenings, the quarterfinals and the resits in this section will also be finished.

Hoogland and Lavreysen were on Wednesday, together with Roy van den Berg, too strong for Great Britain in the final of the team sprint, thus giving the Netherlands the first gold at this European Championship.

Braspennincx also to eighth finals

Among the women, Shanne Braspennincx reached the eighth finals in the sprint. She was satisfied with the seventh time (10.912).

Laurine van Riessen ended up in 13th place (11,125). She has to push through an intermediate round for the eighth finals.

The German top talent Lea Sophie Friedrich, who is busy with her senior debut season, rode the best time in qualifying: 10.724.