The Dutch Juniors will take on Tuesday evening in the qualification for the European Championships 2021 against Young Norway. The competition starts at 6:30 pm in Drammen, Norway. Follow everything in our live blog.

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  • European Championship qualification
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  • Norway-Orange ( 0-1 )
  • The kick-off was 6.30 pm

Young Norway-Young Orange · 11 minutes ago

It is tranquility in Drammen! The Dutch Juniors lead halfway 0-1 against Young Norway thanks to a goal from defender Rick van Drongelen.

Young Norway-Young Orange · 14 minutes ago

The 0-1 of Van Drongelen in the picture:

⚽ | Rick van Drongelen gives the Dutch Juniors a better lead than wisdom in Norway: 0-1. # norned📺 FOX Sports 1

Avatar AuthorFOX SportsMoment of places19: 09 - 15 October 2019

Young Norway-Young Orange · 15 minutes ago

42 'A few more minutes to rest in Drammen. Can the Dutch Juniors expand the lead even further?

Young Norway-Young Orange · 20 minutes ago

37 'The Dutch Juniors are therefore leading the way in Drammen, but it is not yet possible to really push through. Due to the rain and the stiff defense of the Norwegians, it remains difficult to play football for the formation of Van de Looi.

Young Norway-Young Orange · 27 minutes ago

30 'GOAL Young Orange! 0-1

There is the opening goal of the Dutch Juniors! Playing football is difficult and so it happens from a standard situation. Rick van Drongelen gives the final push after a free kick by Teun Koopmeiners.

Young Norway-Young Orange · 32 minutes ago

23 'Here are a few options for the Dutch Juniors in a short time. First, Dani de Wit cannot reach the ball and a bet from Myron Boadu is blocked. Deyovaisio Zeefuik then gives the ball low and dangerous, but no one can print.

Young Norway-Young Orange · 36 minutes ago

Yes, this is a nice picture of how Young Norway is defending tonight. After more than twenty minutes of play, the Dutch Juniors have not really been dangerous.

Are they then, Young Norway. Fine (yes result is sacred and what else should they bla bla; I just want to see a nice game of football) #norned

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Young Norway-Young Orange · 43 minutes ago

14 'Young Norway puts down a wall in the back and lurks on the counter. It is up to the Dutch Juniors to play through.

Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

9 'No real chances for the Dutch Juniors in the opening phase yet. The Van de Looi team has a lot of ball, but cannot find the opening yet.

Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

3 'A good chance in the opening phase for the Norwegians, but attacker Brynhildsen does not get the ball between the posts.

Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

1 'The ball rolls in a rainy Drammen! Young Norway-Young Orange in the European Championship qualifying series for the final tournament of 2021 is on its way.

Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

The players of Young Norway and Young Orange enter the field of the Marienlyst Stadium in Drammen. We'll start in a few minutes.

Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

Young Norway also has a (future) AZ player on the field. In total, the team from Alkmaar will deliver 6 of the 22 base players tonight.

🤝 Introduction 🔴 AZ acquisition Håkon Evjen starts with Young Norway and meets 5 future teammates.🇳🇴 - 🇳🇱 #AZ # WelcomeHåkon #norned

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Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

How is Jong-Jong-Oranje going to end?

  • Profit Young Norway
  • Draw
  • Profit Young Orange

Young Norway-Young Orange · one hour ago

The Dutch Juniors are therefore in the lead in group 7 of the European Championship qualifying series. The Van de Looi team therefore won against Jong Portugal (4-2) and previously also against Jong Cyprus (5-1). Opponent Young Norway also played two games and has four points so far. The Norwegians won 2-1 against Young Cyprus and played a draw (1-1) against Belarus.

Young Norway-Young Orange · 2 hours ago

Line-up: With these eleven names, the Juniors start the game with Young Norway at 6.30 p.m. They are the same players as against Jong Portugal (4-2) last Friday.

🔶 | With this line-up, the Juniors start the European Championship qualification game against Norway.📺 6.30 p.m. FOX Sports. #NORNED #YoungOrange

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Young Norway-Young Orange · 2 hours ago

This is the current situation in the Jong Oranje group:

Cyprus-Belarus 1-1
6.30 pm:
Norway-the Netherlands

Stand group 7:
  • The Netherlands 2- 6 (9-3)
  • Portugal 3-6 (8-4)
  • Belarus 4- 5 (12-4)
  • Norway 2- 4 (3-2)
  • Cyprus 4-4 (4-8)
  • Gibraltar 3- 0 (0-15)

  • * The nine group winners in this qualifying series and the best number two will go to the European Championship of 2021. The remaining eight numbers two play play-offs for four tickets.

    Young Norway-Young Orange · 2 hours ago

    The Dutch Juniors made a particularly strong impression four days ago. The team of national coach Erwin van de Looi won 4-2 at De Vijverberg against Jong Portugal. The AZ talents Myron Boadu (twice), Teun Koopmeiners and Calvin Stengs provided the goals.

    Young Norway-Young Orange · 2 hours ago

    Tonight, the European Championship qualification continues for the Juniors with a away game against Young Norway. The ball starts rolling at 6:30 pm.

    🦁 | After the great victory over Portugal, the Dutch Juniors want to give a knock to Norway again against a competitor in the European Championship qualification race! ⏰ 6.30 pm FOX Sports 1 # ️⃣ #nooned

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