Rugby International Headquarters Chairman Congratulates Typhoon Victims October 15 18:53

Bill Beaumont, chairman of World Rugby, the international headquarters hosting the Japan Rugby World Cup, held a press conference on the 15th and expressed condolences, "I would like to express my condolences to those affected by the typhoon." .

The press conference was held in Tokyo on the 15th after the end of the first league, and was attended by Chairman Beaumont and Secretary General Akira Shimazu of the organizing committee of the tournament.

In this, Mr. Beaumont said, “I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims and victims of the typhoon on behalf of World Rugby. Our feelings are with you and we believe in recovery.” And showed sorrow.

In the first league of this tournament, three games scheduled for the 12th and 13th of this month were cancelled. However, according to the organizing committee of the tournament, other games held on the same schedule were also used for public transportation. There are cases where we were unable to watch the game due to delays.

Therefore, for these two days, we are considering refunding tickets for those who could not watch the game other than the canceled game.

In addition, Chairman Beaumont said, “This tournament is a tournament where the overall level has been raised and rugby itself has evolved due to the advancement of Japan. We are looking forward to a match from the quarter-finals.” I was talking about the response.

Japan Entry rights for 2023 France

In the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, Japan won the next 2023 French tournament by becoming the first place in the group in the 4th consecutive league win.

According to “World Rugby”, the international headquarters that hosts the World Cup, this tournament is ranked 3rd or higher in 4 groups of the primary league, and a total of 12 teams will participate in the next French tournament in 2023 Is given.

Japan has been competing since the first tournament, and will be the 10th in the next French tournament.