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Monthly MVP Se League pitcher division Hanshin Nishi won for the first time in five years | NHK News


September baseball MVP of professional baseball was announced, and the pitcher section of the Se League was acquired five years ago when pitcher Yuki Nishi of Hanshin belonged to Orix ...

Monthly MVP Se-League pitcher division Hanshin Nishi won for the first time in 5 years, October 15 17:02

The September baseball MVP of professional baseball was announced, and the pitcher division of the SE League was the second award since it was acquired five years ago by Hanshin's Yuki Nishi.

Nishi pitcher moved to Hanshin as a free agent this season, and won all four games started in September and contributed greatly to the team's climax series. .

Nishi pitcher was the second time award in 5 years since 2014, when he belonged to ORIX.

In the SE League batter category, Nagamasa Fukuda won the first prize in his professional 13th year.

In September, the top 29 hits of the league were hit, the 30% batting average was 3rd in the league, and 21 points were 2nd in the league.

In the Pacific League batter category, ORIX Masanao Yoshida won the league's top 27 hits and 7 home runs, and this is the second time since July.

In the pitcher category, Seibu's Neil pitcher marked the top four league wins, and this is his first award in his first year in Japan.

Neil pitched in the Lotte match on September 24, when he won the championship, extended his consecutive win from June 20 to "11" and lined up the top record for foreign pitchers.

Hanshin Nishi "Thanks to the fielders"

“There were so many good pitchers in the Se League that I did n’t think I could win this award again. The batters struck and scored many points in the game I threw. But I was grateful to all the fielders because they were helped, and I was glad to contribute to the victory as the team situation continued to be defeated. "

Looking back at this season, “I was able to throw without injury for the year, and I was happy to clear the 170 innings that I had set as the minimum goal. I wanted to do it. "

Chunichi Fukuda "I am honestly happy"

Mr. Nagamasa Fukuda, who won the first prize in professional 13th year, met in Nagoya city. “I was happy because I wanted to take MVP once a month. I have been practicing, but in September I was able to achieve the results of the practice, especially in the climax series battle at the end of the season.

On top of that, he vowed to rewind next season, saying, “The team was in 5th place, and I found a problem in the good results. I want to work hard to overcome that problem.”

Seibu Neil "Very honored"

Seibu's Neil pitcher, who won the monthly MVP for the first time in his first year in Japan, said, “I am very honored to have been doing my best every day to be active and have a lot of good pitchers. I was very happy that I was able to get a monthly MVP because it means that the team had won, so I was glad to include it. "

In September, when the battle for victory continued, “The important game continued, and one game was played with a feeling of concentrating on the game. In September, 100% was held without taking out the foreball. `` I focused on using the power I did, and I didn't do what I couldn't do, it was in the right direction, and the pitching I picked up was also helped by the players guarding behind me. '' I looked back.

On top of that, Neil said, “I think this season has been an active season as a whole, but I don't think I was able to adapt to Japanese baseball 100%. I was able to improve and grow, "he said.

Orix Yoshida “I kept my swing firmly”

“I was surprised because I had n’t imagined August because I had a better image in the middle of the season, and I was able to continue my swing as the pitcher got tired late in the season. I think it ’s a factor in the award. ”

Looking back on this season, “I talked about fighting for titles in all divisions, but I couldn't win one. It was good to have 143 matches, but I want to be able to produce stable results for one year. "

Yoshida is also chosen as the premier 12 Japan national team who will be the predecessor of the Tokyo Olympics, and is eager to win more than he was chosen as a representative and to maximize what he has. I told you.

Source: nhk

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