Once again, Turkish players have been saluting after a football game and showing their sympathy with the policies of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. After the game against France in the European Championship qualification, the footballers stood in front of the fan block and showed the military salute. The game ended 1-1 draw: After a goal by the FrenchOlivier Giroud (76.) scored the Duesseldorf professional Kaan Ayhan (81) the equalizer for Turkey.

Ayan did not join the military greeting of some players. As reported by the news agency AP, there was a brief dispute between defender Merih Demiral of Juventus Turin and Ayhan after the political gesture. Demiral is said to have inspired the scorer to salute as well. But this has continued his way back to the field, which show photos of the field. His Düsseldorf team-mate Kenan Karaman is said to have not participated in the military jubilation.

Turkish players had already on Friday against the Albania with a military tribute on the field the winner to 1: 0 dedicated to the soldiers deployed in Syria and have received criticism for it. The European Football Union (Uefa) will initiate proceedings and will first seek opinions from the parties. The Uefa procedure may be directed against the association or against individual players. According to the statutes of the umbrella association, political statements and gestures on the field in Uefa competitions are prohibited.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian had canceled his participation in the European Championship qualifier against the background of the Turkish military offensive in Syria. The confirmed circles of the Foreign Ministry in Paris. Turkey's military intervention in the northern Kurdish Kurdish region, which has been ongoing since last week, has been heavily criticized in France, Germany and other countries. Several EU countries stopped arms sales.

In Germany, players earned much criticism for their behavior. At the first military salute after the game against Albania, the two Bundesliga players Kaan Ayhan and Kenan Karaman from Fortuna Düsseldorf were among the saluting players. Turkish scorer Cenk Tosun, born and raised in Germany, posted a picture of the jubilation on Instagram after the game. The German internationals İlkay Gündoğan and Emre Can had this contribution provided with a like, this later withdrawn. Both stated that they had made no political statement with their reaction to the picture. Turkish footballer Cenk Şahin can no longer play for FC St. Pauli because last Friday he welcomed the military offensive of Turkey in northern Syria and expressed his solidarity with Instagram.