Euro 2020 will take place in twelve countries from June 12th to July 12th. A few months before the start of the competition, a question arises: is there already a favorite for the Euro? Laurent Jaoui of Canal plus, Nabil Djellit of France football and Gregory Schneider of the newspaper Liberation bring elements of answer in Europe 1 Sport.

If Belgium, Russia, Italy, Ukraine and Poland are already qualified for next European Championship, other teams still play their qualification for this Euro 2020. This is the case of The french team. If the competition will start in a few months, what are the favorites of this 2020 edition?

-Belgium ? Eliminated against Wales in the quarter-finals at Euro 2016 and in the semifinals of the 2018 World Cup, Belgium is logically a favorite of Euro 2020. With a qualifying group (Russia, Scotland , Cyprus, Kazakhstan and San Marino) Belgium has scored 30 goals in eight games for just one goal. A high quality workforce, experience gained during the last major competitions, the partners of Real Madrid player Eden Hazard will be taken seriously. According to Laurent Jaoui, "Belgium has a superior cohesion to other teams and can" bounce off the disappointment of the 2018 world "

"France and Belgium are the two most powerful teams individually"

-France: Finalist of the Euro 2016, world champion last summer in Russia, the Blues are very logically favorite. Nabil Djellit declares that "France and Belgium are the two most powerful teams individually", even if the French team remains "the big favorite because of its status as vice-champion of Europe and world champion. French players who impress the most ".

Journalist at Libération, Gregory Schneider does not put Spain in the favorites by explaining that "Spain has not passed two rounds of a competition since 2012" despite his title of world champion in 2012 and European champion in 2012. He also mentions the format of the competition "the fact that the competition is played in twelve countries is going to be weird, I think we're going to live a strange experience."

"Germany? A salon team!"

-Italy is in the list of favorites according to Laurent Jaoui "Certainly they do not have a world-class striker but I feel that something is happening with Italy." Nabil puts forward the collective Squadra Azzura "They have found a pool of important players with Barella, Senzi and Verratti who begins to draw the quintessence of his talent in selection."

If Laurent Jaoui considers "that it is difficult not to consider Germany as a favorite of a European championship", Gregory Schneider thinks on the contrary that "Germany is a team of salon" before adding "When everything rolls it's exceptional but when they're in trouble it's stuck, at the level of the character, something is missing."