Borislav Michailov, the president of the Bulgarian Football Association, resigned on Tuesday. He does so under pressure from Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who is displeased with Bulgaria's 0-6 defeat against England on Monday and the racist chants from the stands.

"After the humiliating loss of the Bulgarian national team and given the poor results in recent times, I instructed the Minister of Sport to end any relationship with the association, including financially," Borissov wrote earlier in the day on Facebook .

The 56-year-old Mikhailov has been president of the Bulgarian association since 2005. Now the father of former FC Twente keeper Nikolai Michailov has resigned, the government will resume financial support.

Not only the poor results, but also the behavior of the supporters are Prime Minister Borissov a thorn in the eye. Against England, clear noises were heard from the stands in Sofia - not for the first time this season - whereby the game was interrupted twice twice shortly before the break.

"I condemn the behavior of some of the supporters," writes the prime minister. "It is not possible that Bulgaria, which is one of the most tolerant countries in the world and where people from different ethnic groups and different religions live in peace, will put itself on the map through racism and xenophobia."


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Remarkably, after the game, national coach Krasimir Balakov announced that he had not heard of the racist chants and that it was precisely the English fans who had misbehaved by disrupting the Bulgarian national anthem.

On Tuesday it immediately became clear that the government had a different opinion. "We have done a lot in the past four years to develop Bulgarian football," said Sports Minister Krasen Kralev. "But because of the poor results and recent events, the Prime Minister has instructed me to suspend ties with the union." Shortly thereafter followed the message from the prime minister himself.

Bulgaria may also be faced with a penalty from UEFA. Following previous racist incidents, Bulgaria-England was already partly played without an audience.

With only three points from seven matches in the qualifying group A, Bulgaria is no chance for direct placement for the European Championship. The country could still get a ticket through the Nations League play-offs.

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