Tennis Former world champion Federer Willingness to participate in the Tokyo Olympics October 15th 5:19

Former tennis champion Roger Federer participated in an event held in Tokyo and revealed his intention to participate in next year's Tokyo Olympics.

Federer participated in an event held by a major clothing chain to conserve the natural environment and support refugees.

At the venue, Ariake Coliseum in Koto-ku, Tokyo, top players such as Satoshi Nishikori and Shingo Kunieda will be in front of the charity match of Federer, who was sacrificed in this typhoon No. 19 I gave a silence.

In the charity match, Federer took a sharp shot of the backhand and shots aimed at harsh courses everywhere, and was able to look at the end of his ability to score 20 major tennis tournaments 20 times.

Federer talked about participating in this event, "I want to give back to many people through charity activities."

Also, during the event, Federer clarified the idea of ​​participating in the next year's Tokyo Olympics, and said, “Olympic games are sometimes a ridiculous event. Showed enthusiasm.