Professional baseball Rakuten Miki Shin manager interviews “I want to win the league” October 14, 16:51

Mr. Atsushi Miki, who became the new manager of professional baseball / Rakuten, held a conference on the 14th and expressed his enthusiasm as “I want to win the league”.

Director Miki held an inaugural meeting with General Manager Kazuhisa Ishii at Rakuten Life Park Miyagi in Sendai on the 14th.

Among them, Miki Shin said, “I wanted to help Rakuten even a little while playing baseball with two young players. Ishii GM said,“ Let's strengthen and change this team together. ” "I decided," he said.

Shinki Miki, who learned “ID baseball” using the data of Katsuya Nomura during his active days in Yakult, is highly evaluated for his ability to lead the two armies of Rakuten to the first victory in the Eastern League this season. .

Director Miki said, “Baseball is a sport that I think a lot of times. I want to learn more about fine baseball, create various battles, create a team that can play various baseballs, and aim to win the league.”

Furthermore, “I would like to say to the people affected by Typhoon No. 19. What I can do may be limited, but I will continue to fight with my thoughts about the disaster area so that I can give hope and excitement through baseball. I renewed my determination.