The English national team has previously opened to step down if the players are subjected to racism during the European qualifying match against Bulgaria.

When Norway meets Romania on away ground tomorrow, Lars Lagerbäck opens to do the same. Romania has previously been convicted of playing without an audience against Norway, as the home fan screamed racist remarks in the matches against both Spain and Malta. But today the message came that Uefa allows 30,000 children to enter the arena.

- These are the rules that Uefa has. I have full respect for inviting children, but it is a very strange decision when you want to highlight against racism, ”Lagerbäck said at the Norwegian press conference before the match.

- We have some players with a foreign background and this is something that worries us. I don't know how I will react if something similar happens tomorrow. I hope the audience respects everyone, unless we have to make a decision that may be similar to what other teams have discussed, says Lagerbäck.


SVT expert Daniel Nannskog talks about his experiences of racism during his football career. Photo: SVT