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İlkay Gündoğan: Heart for the warlord


It's about more than a Like on Instagram that benefits Erdoğan. The DFB should not repeat the mistakes of the Özil affair - and set limits to İlkay Gündoğan.

The FC St. Pauli shows how it works: Because the football professional Cenk Şahin publicly supports the military offensive of his native Turkey in northern Syria, and emphatically, the club separates from his player. Also on public pressure of the Ultras, which condemn wars of aggression contrary to international law as well as the German Foreign Minister, the Chancellor, the EU, the sanctions against Turkey, as well as almost the whole world.

How it does not work shows the DFB: The national players İlkay Gündoğan and Emre Can have a photo on Instagram gelikt, on the Turkish national team celebrating a gate with a military salute. The affirmative signal of the players to the warlord Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was unequivocal, the Turkish Football Association even confirmed it. So Can and Gündoğan are worth a heart?

They just wanted to support their buddy, scorer Cenk Tosun, saying it was not a political statement, Can and Gündoğan said. One can believe them, a button on the Internet is actually pressed quickly, and both took back their like later.

A trick familiar to the AfD

But you can also doubt their presentation. The trick to provoke only to score in a certain camp, but afterwards did not mean so, the German public has been familiar for years by the AfD.

At any rate, it's not as easy as the two want to do that. Because he posed in a photo with Erdoğan last year like Tosun and Özil, Gündoğan should not be surprised at any questions: does he care that Erdoğan's war is already causing tens of thousands of people to flee, that Syria is being destabilized? the terrorist militia "Islamic state" re-established? Or, less politically, how does the pacifist Can, who last year rejected the photo with Erdoğan, when soccer players support an army that is at war by celebrating a goal?

Can and Gündoğan remained monosyllabic after the victory in Estonia, showing rather annoyance. Gündoğan even suspected a campaign by the media or "a party," as he said, which he apparently means the AfD. The football millionaires apparently do not understand that it is not just journalists and women politicians who take offense. Many fans are outraged too. Not only diehard people doubt how serious the players are with their commitment to peace and also to Germany.

Loyalty and love for the home of parents or grandparents is one thing that should not be blamed on anyone, especially since people with international roots often come under pressure from two sides. Another thing is to endorse nationalist gestures like the saluting Turkish footballers. Meanwhile, the Uefa is investigating against these. "It may be that the two do not identify with Erdoğan's policies," said political scientist Mahir Tokatlı the sports show . "But through this Like, they advocate nationalism in Turkey."

The DFB must not underestimate the case. The association published a picture of the entire team, writing: "Together for openness, diversity and tolerance, against any form of violence and discrimination." These are beautiful words that you can not contradict and that do not hurt anyone. It may be commendable to protect the players against possible racist utterances, as Özil suffered, or even criticism from Turkey. From there Can and Gündoğan are now hostile, they would buckle.

Not everything can be solved with goals

You do not have to part with them just like St. Pauli, but those responsible should lead the players and, if necessary, sometimes put limits on them. The DFB has missed so far. Oliver Bierhoff said on the website of the DFB: "Anyone who knows Emre and İlkay knows that they are very sorry for these discussions." But they should not be sorry for the discussions, but for the effect of their actions.

And Joachim Loew said Gundogan had given an answer on the pitch. But with goals can not solve everything. That Gündoğan rejects "terror", as Löw added, would have liked to be heard by himself. Also, whether he uses the same word to describe Erdoğan.

The case may not have the same dimension as Özil 2018. But he has already reached politics. Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann admonished Gündoğan, the parliamentary executive director of the FDP parliamentary group Marco Buschmann doubted the credibility of the national team. Whether the fans will whistle again at the next home game, as in the previous year, you can not yet estimate.

The former DFB President Reinhard Grindel also failed because of his indecisiveness and helplessness in the Özil debate. The new president Fritz Keller has not been in office for a month yet and has already got his first big job to do. He should not repeat the mistakes of his predecessor.

Source: zeit

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