Goromaru talks about “To win South Africa” October 14th 17:20

Former Japan representative, Ayumu Goro Maru, who is the NHK tournament navigator, talked about Japan's first 8 best in the Rugby World Cup Japan.

The 13th game “The best strength that the defense will not collapse at all”

Regarding the game on the 13th: “I think it was a game where 100% of players had to try, and that they had to do 100% of what they had to do. ”Even if the defense interacts with the powerhouse very well, it will not collapse at all. That is also Japan's best strength.”

"Proof that you have joined the powerhouse"

On top of that, "The world was rated 4 years ago, but I couldn't go to the best 8, and I'm doing a good rugby." This time, I've shown that I really went to the best 8 and joined the powerhouse. I wonder if it was.

South Africa "Move around more than them, defend against attack"

In the next quarter-final, it ’s about the biggest and strongest team in the world that won the first victory in the first league of the previous tournament. “The biggest and strongest team in the world. From now on, it will be a defense game rather than an attack.I think that Japan will be devoted to this one point, which will give a strong defense.Because it is a team that has led the world's rugby, I want you to go to the battle with all your heart. ”

“The people who are affected by the disaster are energizing their mission and fate”

He also mentioned that Typhoon No. 19 caused a lot of damage, “We are a small but powerful power for those affected, and it is our strength to cheer up those people firmly. I think it ’s more than a mission, a fate. ”

On the night of the 13th, Japan won Scotland in the final round of the first round of the World Cup, making the primary league four consecutive wins, and was the first place in Group A to enter the top eight.