Kenyan Brigid Kosgei broke the women's world record in the marathon in Chicago. With a running time of 2:14:04 hours, the 25-year-old undercut the 16-year-old record of the British ex-world champion Paula Radcliffe equal to 1:21 minutes. Kosgei won in Chicago last year and also won the London Marathon this year.

Just over 24 hours after 34-year-old Kipchoge was the first man in the world to complete the 42.195 kilometers in 1: 59: 40.2 under two hours in Vienna, Kosgei dominated the Chicago race from the first few meters. In contrast to Kipchoge Kosgei scored their performance in an official race on a record-breaking marathon distance, so that the recognition as a world record should not stand in the way.

The half marathon time of Kosgei in 1:06:59 hours already indicated an end time of 2:14:00, and she kept the high speed until the end of the race. Lawrence Cherono, the winner of this year's Boston Marathon, won the men's race in Chicago in 2:05:45.