Athletes confirmed that there is a big flaw in a number of clubs in the Gulf Arab League in dealing with the media, where some departments rely on the complete closure of their players and training completely, for fear of entering journalists and see training or talk with players and team officials. They pointed out that the media isolation taken by some clubs has done more harm than good. On the other hand, they praised a number of clubs in their upscale dealings with the media, and the transfer of the image of the club and the team through official accounts on social media in case the team won the ball or lost, and that these clubs are senior league, and at the top of the standings.

The media suffer in dealing with a number of clubs that obscure their presence in front of the media, arguing that it removes the pressure on the players. Al-Nasr and Al-Wasl are among the most closed clubs for training and hardening with the media, although the result after three rounds of the Arabian Gulf League is only one point for each team, while Ajman is one of the most flexible clubs and allows the media to be present in his training, and managed to collect seven points in the The first three rounds, which is to confirm that media isolation is not a gateway to the positive results as some club departments believe, in addition to the upscale deal with the media from some clubs, such as: Sharjah, Al Ain, Shabab Al Ahli, Al Wahda, and Al Jazeera.

The athletes explained to Emirates Today that there are successful examples of the creativity of media centers of clubs in the transfer of images, news and events of the club professionally, while there are clubs with large and modern media centers, but closed because of the way dealing with the media.

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