The first national football team will perform its final training this evening, in preparation for facing Thailand (war elephants) tomorrow, at the Tamasat Stadium in Bangkok in the third round of the qualifying games for the 2022 World Cup and the Asian Cup 2023, which is a strong and difficult confrontation, given The strength of the advanced Thai team, which includes three professional players, and the difficulty of the meeting to compete the two teams for the top of Group G.

The national team coach led by the Dutch Van Marwijk, during the training, the final touches to the plan and the lineup to be played, and in light of his follow-up and study of the style of play and the way the Thai team, as Marvik seeks to impose the style of playing white on the opposing team, and face the weapon of rapid attacks expected That Thailand depends on them.

The national team has continued its training amid high morale and a strong focus on the part of the players in light of the importance of the game, and the need to harvest three points in order to reach the ninth point and continue to top the Group G, and our national team has played its third training session since his arrival in the Thai capital Bangkok, and continued The training at the Irina stadium is attended by all players except for some players who are undergoing training, such as Walid Abbas and Ali Salmeen.

The squad witnessed intensive lectures by the coaching staff to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent, by watching Thailand's last two matches with Indonesia and Vietnam, where it is expected to give Marvik the opportunity to play the same elements that played the meetings with Malaysia and Indonesia, with specific mandates to implement During the meeting, the coach is expected to pay the same squad as the previous two meetings, although the participation of Walid Abbas «who suffers from stretching muscle» in the game will be determined during the training today.

The training of the national team during the past two days witnessed the focus of the technical staff on the tactical and tactical side during Marvik's daily division among all players, in addition to delivering the players to the utmost understanding and harmony.

Suhail: The team will not give up the lead

The national team supervisor, Dr. Hassan Suhail, confirmed his confidence in the ability of the white players to achieve a positive result during the match against Thailand tomorrow, and make a strong showing in the game, saying that «the team will not give up the top of the Group G summit, and pass the first stage of the joint qualifying for the World Cup 2022 and the 2023 Asian Cup, although the game is difficult because the opponent is playing at home and in the crowd, in addition to the struggle of both sides of the game to stand alone at the top of the group, adding to the excitement during the game ».

Hassan Suhail said: "We are very confident in our players and their abilities and ability to take advantage of the opportunity available to them to come up with a positive result that enhances the team's progress in the qualifiers." “The preparations for the match against Thailand are going well as planned by Van Marwijk's coaching staff, and the medical team has made a great effort to treat some of the players who suffered minor injuries, and everyone is ready to take part in the match. Of ».

Large turnout .. The tickets are about to run out

The match between the national team and Thailand in the three stations in the joint qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 and the Asian Cup 2023, scheduled to be held tomorrow, a huge popular turnout, where the sale of tickets is popular with the Thai public, and the tickets are about to run out, and is expected to watch the game towards 25 thousand spectators, the official capacity of the stadium Tamasat host the game, the stadium is located in the city of Pratomthani, and belongs to the stadium of the police United.

The Sri Lankan crew manages the meeting

FIFA has assigned the match to an international jury from Sri Lanka.

The crew includes Krishtha Dylan Perara (Ruler of the Square), Danny Gedara (First Assistant), Willa Bada Hewag (Second Assistant) Jamini Nephon (Fourth Ruler), Aung Kun Ho of Myanmar (Ruler of Rulers), Yan Moon of Hong Kong (Observer) ).