• Chronicle: Spain's test-team must wait: Norway prevents triumph in the discount

The tendency of the calls and the alignments of Robert Moreno , first as interim and then as coach, could lead to Spain to form in the next Eurocup, in whose final phase it can already be said that he is virtual, with a defense of former champions : Jesús Navas , Sergio Ramos , Raúl Albiol and Jordi Alba . The first three won the World Cup and the azulgrana enlisted in time to lift the last title of the trilogy, the Euro of Kiev. The average age would be 32.5 years, among the highest, surely, of the tournament.

The situation contrasts with the willingness of catharsis with which the cycle began, initially by Luis Enrique and with Moreno as second, after the decline suffered by the selection in the period that was from the World Cup in Brazil to that in Russia. The empires, because it is what Spain was footballing, can collapse in a battle, in a match, but they bleed slowly. The will of Luis Enrique and Moreno, like that of the Federation itself, was to undertake a profound renovation, by shaking the costumes and even the style, but the reality is not only nostalgic for that of any time spent better, but stubborn by demonstrating that any past player was better. Moreno has already checked.

Sergio Ramos' hierarchy is unquestionable. He is the leader, a role he plays in the field and abroad, and that is the reason why he has decided to keep the national team, on his way to Sweden, despite being sanctioned. Even in a state of form that is not the best, the drought of Spanish central level makes the Madridista an unquestionable piece. Piqué's withdrawal after Russia left a void that none of the candidates has occupied with aplomb, before Íñigo Martínez , now Mario Hermoso . Already in the Del Bosque era finding relays for the position became a torment for the Salamanca. The return of Albiol, among the best in Oslo, is the finding of a problem, while the Eurocup presses.

The case of Navas is different. He is not in the band due to lack of applicants, but by level. In the selection, it has been made with a title that seemed destined for Carvajal , although the Madrid player has no luck dressed in red. An injury separated him from the Euro 2016 and another made him arrive in Russia, last year, in low form. Since then, its performance has not reached the level of previous courses. Navas, on the other hand, was converted back to Seville thanks to a transition, from the end to the side, which other players have already made to find a second life in their sports career. It happened to the athletic Juanfran , for example. Navas came to the national team because Del Bosque wanted alternative variables, such as his overflow, to the team's possession game. Now you can play another great tournament in the same band, but with a different role.

The incorporations of Bernat or the call of Reguilón are, for the moment, little threatening to Jordi Alba, absent in this call due to an injury. The azulgrana would be, with 30 years, the youngest of the hypothetical defensive line. Like Navas, he started as a striker, although his transition to the side came at the time of the jump to the elite, by the hand of Unai Emery in Valencia. The disagreement with Luis Enrique deprived him of joining the new cycle from the beginning, but, far from being intimidated, it was a stimulus for the Barça player, who last season offered an excellent performance.

Ahead of them all, Busquets would buckle the line from the center of the field, another former world champion. Moreno keeps him immovable, a condition he no longer has in Barcelona. From there on, there are no champions, no fixed.

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