Gymnastics American Biles have 5 crowns and 19 gold medals on October 14th 1:39

The gymnastics world championship held in Germany was held on the 13th by the men and women's event finals, and American Simone Biles won the gold medal for the women's "balance beam" and "Yuka". Vils won five events in this tournament and increased his record for the total number of gold medals to 19.

Biles, who has won 14 gold medals at last year's tournament, won a gold medal at the tournament, group and individual overall, and `` equestrian horse '' by type of event, and on the 13th the `` average platform '' of the final by category And faced “Yuka”.

Vils won a gold medal by marking 15.066, which is only 15 points per person, such as stable determination of difficult skills to make three turns with a squatting posture on the “balance beam”.

In addition, in Yuka, the world's highest difficulty, J difficulty of "back-holding 2 times flip-over 3 times twist" and overwhelming performance, and this also won 15.133, which is only 15 points of one person Did.

For the first time in 61 years, Bayes won the fifth of the six World Championships, extending his record of 19 gold medals. In addition, the total number of all medals won is 25, which is the highest record ever compared to 23.