Al-Ahli youth player, Brazilian Leonardo de Souza, confirmed that he does not deserve to get a yellow card, in the game Al Dhafra, the day before yesterday, in the Arabian Gulf Cup, because of deliberately acting to get a penalty, surprising not to use the application of video technology in the tournament, which contributed Al Shabaab did not get a deserved penalty, while stressing that the Dubai Knights should be smarter when they play Bani Yas in the fourth round of the Arabian Gulf League.

De Souza told Emirates Today that he did not know why he did not use video technology in the Arabian Gulf Cup. "Shabab Al Ahli received its first loss because of the absence of (the mouse), as we deserve a penalty, while the second goal came to Al Dhafra Also after a mistake in our favor, the ball should have become a contact for Al-Ahly youth, while the ball was awarded to the opponent, who benefited from the game, and added the second goal to resolve the game in his favor ».

The Brazilian played down the impact of Al-Ahli's loss in the cup. “Despite the loss, I am very confident that Al-Ahly are a very strong team,” he said. “When we lose, that is a big problem for us, because we don't want to lose at any. "I am confident that we are strong and that this loss will not affect us in the coming games."

He added: «All teams want to beat Al-Ahli, and many clubs play in a defensive way in front of us, which makes it difficult for us to achieve goals, while the risk of counter-attacks on our goal, so we must be ready to deal well with this quality "And with teams that rely more on defense in the way they play in front of us."

Leonardo de Sousa stressed that Al Ahli's youth are ready to resume the games of the Arabian Gulf League, and appear well against Bani Yas, said: «We do not want to lose more points in the league, after we drew in the third round with Al Jazeera, as the competition is difficult and strong and must "We do everything we have to win, especially as the game is played at home." He praised the level of «heavenly» and the results achieved by the team since the beginning of the season, said: «Bani Yas of the teams that play good football, and I saw the team last season, where he made strong performances, and the same thing this season, so will be required of the players of Al Ahli The focus is great, because if we are not smart in the way of dealing with the game, and play with full force, against the return (heavenly), our team will cause many problems, and we will suffer a lot ».

Arwabarina: I take responsibility for the loss

Al Ahli coach Rodolfo Arwabarina said he was responsible for the loss, saying that the team played badly because of the slow preparation and lack of possession of the ball well.

Speaking at a press conference, Arwabarina said that talk should be minimized and acted further, noting that it was the first loss of the team this season, stressing the need to get up quickly and not be affected by this loss.