Domination in men's all-around and bronze Melnikova

After winning the team all-around on Friday, Russian gymnasts continued to win medals of various denominations in the individual all-around. Here, fans were waiting for an exciting fight between the current champion Arthur Dalaloyan and Nikita Nagorny, who became the third a year ago. Other athletes, for example, Olympic champion from Ukraine Oleg Vernyaev and traditionally strong Chinese, also hoped to compete for awards.

But leadership after the first appearance was captured by Dalaloyan. He perfectly completed his program in floor exercises and immediately received 15,200 points. Nagorny followed with the result of 15.041 points. However, already on the horse Arthur was waiting for a serious setback. With a score of 14,000 points, he rolled back beyond even the first five. But Nikita made no such mistakes.

In general, the 22-year-old athlete performed very calmly and confidently and managed without disruptions, which his rivals could not boast of. So, the leader after two kinds of Chinese Xiao Zhoteng failed on the uneven bars. Unfortunately, Dalaloyan continued to make mistakes. On a vault, the Russian almost fell after landing and received an expectedly low rating of 14.633.

Nagorny was impeccable and continued to confidently break away from his pursuers. His performance on the vault and parallel bars was rated above 15 points, after which it became clear that Nikita should not miss the victory.

At the final shell, the crossbar, a native of Rostov-on-Don, as in the team all-around, was the last to speak and did not flinch again. So with a total score of 88.772, the gymnast for the first time in his career became the world champion in individual all-around at the World Cup. At the same time, Russians took first place in this form for the second year in a row.

It is worth noting Dalaloyan, who managed to get together on the last shells and eventually became the second, quite a bit ahead of Vernyaev. And after the end of the competition, Arthur admitted that he was not sorry to give the gold to a partner in the national team.

“I was touched that Nikita and I took first and second places, these are indescribable sensations. We are one team, we work together, we are friends and we must relate to each other perfectly, despite the fact that today they fought among themselves. Last year I won gold, in this - Nikita, I don’t feel sorry, I can share it, it’s very cool, I also took my medal, did a great job and actually am satisfied with myself, ”TASS quoted Dalaloyan as saying.

In turn, Nagorny admitted that he emotionally felt not the best way after the team all-around.

“It was not hard, they were just emotionally tired, psychologically a lot was lacking today, it was somehow sad. But the audience was incredibly cool, like the organization, so the emotions appeared themselves, ”the gymnast summed up.

In the women's individual all-around, Russia also did not remain without a medal. Angelina Melnikova in a difficult rivalry with the Americans and Chinese women took third place and won the second award for herself at the current championship of the planet. The victory was won by American Simone Biles.

Belyavsky’s fall and Nagorny’s conflict with the organizers

After such a confident start of the tournament, the Russian team was expected to succeed in certain ways, especially the same Dalaloyan and Nagorny in some of them were favorites. According to all forecasts, the team’s medal piggy bank should significantly replenish on Saturday.

However, how confidently domestic gymnasts performed in the early days of the tournament, they looked so modest on Saturday. For starters, Dalaloyan failed in his favorite floor exercises. With a result of 14,800 points, Arthur remained in the offensive fourth place, and then admitted that he did not have time to recover from the individual all-around.

“I“ dragged ”half of the combination well, just just played yesterday, so I did not have time to recover and by the end of the combination I swam a little. The last bunch did not hit, automatically eased. Therefore, the score is so low, but on the whole I performed the combination cleanly, just didn’t functionally recover, and didn’t have enough strength for the ending, ”Dalaloyan explained.

Failure in this form was also suffered by Nagorny, who made a gross mistake and ended up being the sixth. Nikita, unlike the partner on the national team, blamed the organizers for everything.

“They set me up, did not let me get ready. The first athlete is always allowed to prepare. Those who go further have an advantage: while they put their marks on the first, second, third, fourth, they can calmly prepare for two minutes, but I just go out on the platform and they immediately turn on the time. This is terrible in relation to the athlete, I speak not personally for myself, but for anyone. Of course, I ran in a panic, and it was not possible to complete my floor exercises, ”Nagorny complained.

Not the best way were made by other Russians. In an exercise on a horse, David Belyavsky fell and remained only eighth. Failed and another old-timer of the national team Denis Ablyazin. On the rings that brought him the World Cup and the Olympic Games, he remained only sixth. Finally, Melnikova finished an offensive fourth place in an exercise on uneven bars.

And in the vault, the same Biles celebrated the victory. This award was for Simone 23rd in his career at the world championships, and she repeated the record of the famous Soviet and Belarusian gymnast Vitaly Scherbo. Biles victory allowed the US team to strengthen leadership in the medal standings of the tournament. The Americans have five awards, three of which are gold. The Russians also won five medals, but only two of the highest merit.