Another Spain is one step away from another base camp, the Eurocopa 2020, from which in Oslo it only removed a penalty beyond time . Another Spain that has champions of the past, but does not resemble the champion. Another Spain that runs a coach who had not been a coach. The experience has, therefore, as many uncertainties as attractive. It is, in some way, a test-selection, which dominates and suffers in the same way, and that is the reason that the classification must wait. [1-1: Narration and statistics]

Eleven players, eleven teams, one selection. A fact almost unprecedented and strange in the powers of football, since it is more typical of the minor teams, whose best players are forced into a diaspora. It is true that there are important injuries , but the truth is that there always were. Actually, it is a sign of the new cycle, as Moreno said, of the allegedly justicialist way of bringing Luis Enrique, in which the states of form seem to impose themselves on hierarchy and age. Justice is not necessarily that. There were Albiol, headline, and Santi Cazorla, later, both with 34 years, in addition to the hyperactive Jesus Navas, with 33, compadre of the record man, Sergio Ramos, alone and in front of the story. Everyone bites the present strongly without asking for the future. Moreno, of course, either. We will see.

The teams that import groups, such as the Spain champion, benefit from the automatisms developed in the teams, the tuning and the soccer players' societies. Moreno's choice does not allow it, so he must create them, while subtly changing the gameplay. Spain plays, as before, but wants to run, like all . This takes him in some phases of the matches to the undefined, which is the worst thing that can happen to a team that is not physical. It happened in the first half in Oslo, where after a good start, he came to rest dominated, without the ball and subjected to the game that the rival wanted, the aerial ball. The lack of precision in the definition of the Scandinavians prevented Spain from going to rest below the scoreboard.

Ceballos, Saúl and Fabián

Busquets is the missing link in the triangle that made Spain an indecipherable team, along with Xavi and Iniesta. At his side, he started against Norway with three different midfielders but not incompatible, Ceballos, Saúl and Fabián. The first started well in the minutes with the ball but falling to a band does not allow its best version. He is a footballer who needs to feel in the center and as the center of the game, something he achieved in the second period, by further exploring the spaces between the Norwegian battlements, until leaving the field for Cazorla.

Saul is better able to adapt to intermittent games, with a point of disorder that is as dangerous for his team as for the opposite. It appears and disappears, and when it is done vertically it always goes round the goal. The way to hunt him, on a second play, when Norway tried to leave his cave, is an example. The goal came just when it was most necessary , since the feelings with which Spain had gone to rest had not been good. At the origin of the action had been precisely Ceballos.

Fabian is point and apart. A jewel that has escaped the greats of the League . So much 'scouting' to be taken by the 'eighties' Ancelotti. Now that they appear portable on the benches it would be good not to forget the value of intangibles, intangibles, so important in football. The Naples player responds to almost everything football asks for, by technique, physical and goal. Moreno aligned it despite being convalescent and the player was always seen in danger, either to heel in the area, on the way to one of the best combinatorial actions, to test the goalkeeper or blow the crossbar.

The center of the starting field in Oslo thus has the aspect of consolidation, something that the selection needs. He is one step away from the standings without defining his eleven, but facing a great championship without a team-type seems risky. One phase and another have nothing to do, go ahead.

If the selection does not dominate, it suffers, so it has to learn not to do so, to mature the control mechanisms without the ball, because this Spain is not the one before, it is not for so many defensive possessions. Is another. Norway is not in the elite, but managed to suffer during a half-game with the good judgment of Odegaard , with good upbringing in the Royal Society, the depth of Abdellaoui and King's body. A selection of another segment, such as those that will be in the final phase, would surely have earned revenues already in the first half. This Norway did it in the end, when he stubbed while Spain did what he knows best. Kepa's heavy penalty , transformed by King, gave him the little point of hope and separated Spain from the mathematical classification. He will look for her in Stockholm on Tuesday, even without his captain.

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